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Bedtime Yoga Keeps You Healthy and Happy

Many people face sleeplessness; in fact I hear regularly from someone or another that they have trouble falling sleep. It is a problem faced by many and over a course of time becomes a health issue.

Invariably, as I dig into the daily routine of how people live their lives during the many life coaching sessions, a few things rear their heads very strongly: sometimes all of the following apply to one person and sometimes just one.

  1. People wake up in a stress mode and go to bed in a stress mode.
  2. They have let joy seep out of their lives as they busy themselves with things that do not keep them intrinsically happy.
  3. They pay too much attention to things that are not in their control.
  4. They are surrounded with people who are generally negative.
  5. They keep eating until late at night.
  6. They do not exercise their bodies or their minds.

If you are someone facing sleeplessness, look at your daily routine and see for yourself what could be the culprit, and then work towards eradicating them.

Here are some other suggestions:

–       In preparation for bed time, empty out your mind completely of any pending work/chaotic thoughts on a piece of paper or your journal or any other way of your choice.
–        Before going to bed, wash your feet and massage them with your favorite lotion/oil.
–       Indulge in a few minutes of restorative, gentle yogic twists on the bed, followed by knee bends on the chest, and gentle half rolls of the neck- all  these goes a long way towards relaxing the body.
–       Gentle, controlled breathing techniques calm the mind.
–       After this all that is needed is a prayer of gratitude before you fall into a peaceful slumber with a smile on your lips.

Sweet dreams. ~ Umang Goel


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