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Declutter Your Mind With Yoga

A relaxed mind is an uncluttered mind, and an uncluttered mind leads to an organized and productive life.

  1. Let deep breathing and meditation lead you to calm your mind.
  2. Let yoga asanas enable you to relax your body.
  3. Let silence and non-doing allow you to reflect and contemplate into finding out which part of your life remains in chaos.
  4. Let action steps lead you into organizing your life so that there is time and space for everything you want to do.
  5. Have a plan for each day from morning to night, including self-care and power-nap. Know that if something is not scheduled and planned there is a high risk that it will not get done.
  6. Have a TO DO LIST in one place so that the mind can be relaxed and not worry about forgetting what needs to get done.
  7. Declutter everyday so that you have to spend 10 minutes and not hours cleaning your mess.
    1. Paper Piles, Paper Bills, Reminder Notes
    2. Electronic Filing: Emails
    3. Clothes in your closet, and laundry
    4. Bathroom mess-up
    5. Bed
    6. Kitchen Counter, Sink, Dishwasher, Fridge

Clean your physical space and mental space so that you can lead the life you desire. Le Yoga, breathing, meditation propel you into the right action. ~ Umang Goel

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