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Manifest Your Dreams

Many of us dare to dream, but how many of us dive into action with faith and empowerment of turning the dream into reality? We all want to, but many feel it is not possible! I am here to tell you that it is all possible: with intention, devotion, faith, gratitude and action. But there is a very important piece to this puzzle of manifestation – ACCOUNTABILITY! Yes someone to hold you accountable to your powerful intention. The missing ingredient in the recipe for manifesting your dreams: A hand to hold you accountable; a partner in your dreams; someone who wants it as much as you want to achieve your dreams; someone who will devote a dedicated time slot to you and your dreams; someone who does not quit on your dreams even if you lose patience; someone who believes in you; someone who has no qualms in telling you exactly how it is – Yes, that is what a true, authentic MENTOR is, who is not emotionally attached to you! life is precious. Moments of your life are precious. Do not waste time. Go for your dreams. Find yourself a powerful authentic mentor who believes in you and your dreams and who will hold you accountable. Your dreams are waiting to unfold. What are you waiting for? ~ Umang Goel We would love to read your comments below.


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