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Yogic Backbends for Spine Health


The spinal column houses the nervous system, and as such by maintaining a healthy spine, you maintain a healthy nervous system – obstruction free circulation of nutrients and oxygen.

Yogic Backbends prove to be immensely helpful in making your spine healthy, strong and flexible. There are several backbends in yoga from those in standing poses (standing backbend), to sitting (camel pose) and the restorative supine backbends (fish pose, bridge and the full wheel) and many others. Practice them all and reap the benefits.

Backbending Basics:

Observe basic safety during backbends  and pay attention to alignment and these will go a long way towards a healthy body.

Inhale-Exhale: Make sure you do not hold your breath as you go into the backbend.

Lengthen your Spine: No matter which backbend you go into, always focus on lengthening your spine and you will have a deeper backbend.

Keep yourself relaxed: Always strive for a calm balance even before you go into a backbend and you will have a smooth ride.

Pay attention to your shoulders: rotate your shoulders away from the ears instead of scrunching them up. this will enable you to keep a neutral curve in the spine.

Engage your core:  engaging your core will help you balance as you go into a backbend.

Be firm with your arms and legs: arms and legs play an important role. Use them wisely.

~ Umang Goel


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