End Of Summer Retreat 2014

End Of Summer Retreat: Manifest Your Best Life – Create Power Within

When:Friday, August 15, 8:30 AM – Sunday, August 17, 7:00 PM 

Where: San Damiano, Daniville

At The Retreat:
• Wellness Haven retreats are interspersed with yoga, breathing and meditation practices to create the best foundation for the self-discovery process.
• The 3 days of the Retreat will be devoted to discovering the “power within” so that you can maximize your life potential and reach for your dreams that may have not seemed possible.

Friday, August 15: Day 1

  • Taking charge of your mind and your life through training and then taking action steps.
  • Laws of Universe. Creating Reality. Removing Negative Thoughts. Planting Positive Thoughts.
  • Exercises to be on track and start seeing the results.
  • Creating the desired change through committed action – sending new messages to the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.
  • Frustration. Fear. Disappointment. Guilt. Affirmations. Possibilities
  • Exercises to be on track and start seeing the results.

 Saturday, August 16: Day 2

  • Paving a new path through Decision, Action, Persistence.
  • Planting Seeds. Visualization. Patting Your Back.
  • Exercises to be on track and start seeing the results.

Sunday, August 17: Day 3

  •  The Finishing Touch towards the life of your Dreams.
  • Intuition. Meditation. Gratitude. Instructing the Subconscious Mind. Eliminating Worry and Stress.
  • Exercises to be on track, start seeing the results and leading towards the life of your dreams as you continue to take action.
  • Follow-up meeting at Wellness Haven Yoga Studio

Your life will never be the same again. If you have wondered how people are always positive, what do confident people do to get there, this is the Dream Retreat for you. I am Umang Goel, and I have been teaching such life tools and techniques since 2009, after I had incorporated such a life and started walking it. My dreams are constantly unfolding into reality. I hold hands of my Life and Business Coaching Clients for a period of 1 year, teaching them life skills that enable them to live the life they dream of. It is that success that enables me to host courses and retreats like these, with concentrated learning. Bonus: If you love this course at the retreat, you will have the opportunity to transition into one of my Annual Coaching Students and the fee for this course will be applied towards the Annual Program!!! Our regular fee for the course is $850 but we are offering a discounted fee of $550 for the course + Room & Board Fee.


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