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Namaste and Welcome to Wellness Haven
Link –> Umang’s Welcome Message to all her students
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Jump-Start Your Life with Our High-Demand, Result Oriented 3 Month Platinum Package!

– 3 Months Unlimited Yoga Program
– 5 week/5 Sessions of Breathing & Meditation Program and after that keep coming for FREE!!
– 12 Weeks/3 Months of Nutrition Program, “Lower Your Fat Percentage”

Fee: $800 (worth $1390 sold as individual packages!)

It takes 12 weeks or 90 days to see shocking, mind-blowing results! And we have tons of testimonials to prove it!
Testimonials–> Wellness Haven Testimonials

If you are someone on cross-roads wanting to make a life-change, and you are reading this, you are in the right place. We have experience in bringing about this transformational, very healthy life change that you are looking for, and that is why we created our highly acclaimed Platinum Package that covers all 3 areas needed to bring about this change – Mental, Physical, Nutritional. This package puts you in the right gear to start you off and you see results as you go right from week 1!

1. Mental: Our 5 sessions Breathing and Meditation Program puts you in the right mental state to jump-start your life giving you the clarity and mindfulness you need to get yourself on the right track.

2. Physical: Our 3 months of Unlimited Yoga Asanas puts you in the right physical state with limber limbs and strong body to enable your life in blissful joy.

3. Nutritional: Our 12 week Nutritional program, “Lower Your Fate Percentage” takes you on the healthy eating journey that your body is craving for without external supplements, without starvation and without addictions and cravings and it is so simple and smooth that you are left wondering, “how did I become so good?” Your hand is held every step of the way and you are held accountable by yourself and your coach, so that you stay on track. The transition into a lifestyle that is nutritionally rich is smooth and you keep it that way forever!

We all need that push sometimes, that jump-start, that guidance, that constant motivation and inspiration, that can propel us in the right direction – Wellness Haven specializes in all these aspects, for we CARE about your health. Health is our #1 priority.


Jump-Start Your Life with Our High-Demand, Result Oriented 3 Month Gold Package!

– 3 Months Unlimited Yoga Program ($480)
– 5 week/5 Sessions of Breathing & Meditation Program ($250)
 Fee: $600  


So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Umang today and get a jump-start on your life in every possible way!

Cell: (925)819-6327
email: umang@wellnesshaven.com





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Wellness Haven Yoga

110 Ryan Industrial Ct., #14
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Tel: (925) 819-6327 Email:umang@wellnesshaven.com

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