Project Body Awareness

Wellness Haven has successfully proven over the years that it takes 4 consecutive classes to develop body awareness and to start feeling the impacts of stretching, strengthening and balancing our bodies. BUT it needs to be the right stretching, strengthening and balancing techniques and we have proven our expertise over the years very successfully.

We have created Project Body Awareness to raise awareness among women above 40 and we are taking 25 women and show then with our tools and techniques how life impacting this can be for them by attending 4 FREE classes within a week.


Age: 40 and above
Body condition: Medically able, and recommended by your doctor
Experience: Should not have any prior yoga experience

We want to meet you and then get you started. These classes are held 11 AM and 5:30 PM ONLY, Monday – Thursday.

Reach out: (925)819-6327 or to contact us via our online form  Contact Us



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