Sewing and Alterations


Wellness Haven is honored to have a very adept seamstress who can stitch and sew and alter anything!

Sewing and Crocheting Classes:
She also offers Sessions for kids and adults to learn crocheting and sewing through simple projects Friday through Sunday at Wellness Haven.

Reach Out:
All you have to do is reach out to us, book an appointment (by scheduling a Free Consultation on the right side of the page) letting us know what you need and we will get back to you!
Call us: (925)819-6327
Our Facebook Page: Facebook

Visiting our location after setting an appointment:
You can visit us after setting up an appointment with us.
We are located at:
110 Ryan Industrial Ct. #14, San Ramon CA 94583

Our Price Structure:
The price for sewing and alterations depends on the work needed, as well as material involved, lining needed, length/width, and the type of work involved.

Our approximate and basic price structure is as follows. The rest will depend on many other factors as stated above. We cannot guarantee the price unless we see the work that needs to be done and the time involved:
(In general anything with lining is $15 extra)

1. Zipper attaching: $12
2. Sleeves attaching: $12
3. Shortening length of regular pants: $15
4. Shortening length of formal pants: $25
5. Shortening length of skirts without lining: $15
6. Shortening length of skirts with lining: $25

1. Blouse for Sarees without lining: $45
2. Blouse for Sarees with lining: $60
3. Loosening simple blouse of sarees: $15
4. Loosening blouse with lining: $25
5. Simple Indian Salwaar Kameez: $55 (designs cost extra)
6. Indian Salwaar Kameez with lining: $70 (designs cost extra)
7. Simple Dresses:  $35 (designs cost extra)
8. Simple Women Pants/Trousers: $35 (designs cost extra)
9. Women Pants/Trousers with zipper: $40 (designs cost extra)

She also alters wedding clothes, fancy clothes, embroidery work, and the price is given after seeing the work needed and the material.

Sewing and Crocheting Classes:
This is for kids  (8 and above) and adults to learn crocheting and sewing through simple projects Friday through Sunday at Wellness Haven.

Pictures of some of the project work:



***Haggling not allowed
*** We reserve the right to refuse service.



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