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Too Busy For Yoga?

“I am very busy!”
“I am very busy! I really want to but I do not have any time.”
“I am very busy! I also believe in yoga, but I do not have the time!”

If you are someone who catches herself saying one or more of the phrases above, it is time to take a serious look at the word “busy”.

Busy is synonymous with “occupied,” “engaged,” “involved,” “hard-pressed,” “swamped,” “absorbed,” “engrossed,” and ‘pre-occupied”.

We all have the same number of hours during the day. We all have family, chores at home, a work schedule and downtime. Each one of us fills our hours the way we deem fit. The way we choose to spend our time goes hand in hand with what we believe in, our life philosophies and principles.

Ask yourself what do you become “busy” with when you are not “working”:

  • Do I spend time being busy by chatting or texting with friends on the phone?
  • Do I spend time being busy by spending hours shopping?
  • Do I spend time being busy by going to eat out?
  • Do I spend time being busy first planning and packing for vacation and then becoming super busy going around with no time to sit?

The truth is that we are super “busy” with things we really want to spend time in, consciously or sub-consciously,” things that gives us pleasure, and so every minute of the day is taken up with what we really want to do!

The real question is: WHAT are we “busy” with that we do not have the time to stay healthy!

And then the question is: Do I really believe that I should exercise in order to stay healthy? Or does it become secondary to everything else I spend time on?
Therein lies the answer to “I do not have time for yoga!”

For many this questions hits them into awareness when they start facing a physical issue that refuses to resolve itself or are so stressed mentally that they become overwhelmed with life itself!

There is a solution to “I am too busy!” for anything that you should do and are unable to do.
Question your priorities.
Question your philosophies.
Question the reason you are truly avoiding doing what you need to do.
Question the urgency of why you should do what you have been avoiding.

If you are still avoiding what you need to do, it is because you do not truly believe that you need to do it! Someday, the situation will become urgent and you will be forced into it. Hopefully it will not be too late!

PREVENTION is better than CURE.
If you believe that, you will create a shift in your consciousness and plunge into doing what needs to be done. You will like spending time on it. You will create time for it, one way or another.

An example:
I believed that I do not need to do any other exercise since I was running after my kids, working hard in the corporate world and managing a home as well. That I believed was plenty of exercise!
The day my awareness shifted, my life changed – I became a yoga instructor, where I had no choice but exercise.

Another example:
I do not like the paper work involved getting ready for taxes!
So I used to become super busy doing everything else that I believed needed my attention and avoid it until there was no choice left but do it in order to meet the deadline!
With a conscious shift in my way of thinking, attitude and behavior, I learned that I need to plunge into what I need to do the most and much before deadline. It has made my life stress free.

Know that as important as it is to work your work it is also important to work your health. Become super busy at being healthy. Join yoga or any other health exercise regime that suits your interest.

What are you waiting for?

We would love to read your comments below. Please remember to share your joy with others.


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