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 Dream To Reality

Are you always wanting things to change in your life and yet you find that they hardly change year after year…

Know that if you continue doing what you have been doing so far, things will continue to remain the way it always has been!

To achieve anything in life, we need to look back and see where we have had success in the past whether it is a very small thing or big. How did you make it happen or why it did not happen!

You may have desired:

  • to get your health back on track
    • to get rid of physical ailments
    • to lose excess body weight
    • to become stress free
  • to own something that you have never had before
  • to start a business that you have always thought was impossible
  • to be in a better relationship with family members or friends


  • you may not even know what is keeping you unhappy and unfulfilled!
  • you are simply flowing through life year after year with nothing changing for the better

In order for anything to come to fruition you will invariably need the following:

  • You have a desire and a dream
  • You target the dream with determination
  • You target the resources needed to make the dream a reality
  • You create a rock solid plan of action steps
  • You start working on the action steps
  • You stay motivated, and inspired as you work on the action steps
  • You need momentum that continues to grow
  • You do not let any barrier come in your way
  • You are held ACCOUNTABLE

The one critical ingredient in the above magical formula is ACCOUNTABILITY. Without accountability nothing comes true. Things may even start to progress and bloom, but fizzles out sooner or later for there are too many distractions that come in your way in spite of heartfelt resolutions!

If you truly sincerely want something from the core of your being, no one can stop you from achieving it! The only one person that stops you from achieving it is YOU!

So HOW do you actually make your dream a reality?

Take a paper and pencil and write down:

  • What is it that you want to happen – What is your goal/dream/desire?
    • What emotions and feelings does just thinking about this dream generate in you?
  • Why do you want this dream to come true?
    • What emotions and feelings does the achievement of  this dream generate in you?
  • If you do not achieve this dream, what consequences will you face  in your life?
    • What emotions and feelings does not achieving this dream generate in you?
      • Do you want to continue to live a life where dreams never come true?
      • Do you want to stay unfulfilled for the rest of your life because you are just not able to do all that it takes for it to come true?
      • Do you resign yourself to the fact that it is simply not doable?
      • Do you continue to live in guilt and regrets of it never coming to fruition?
      • Do you allow others to tell you that it is okay to not be able to reach your goal?
      • Do you want mediocrity instead of magnificent?
      • Do you want to live without this dream for the rest of your life?

If you are NOT okay to live without excitement and passion of your dreams then it is time to do something different. It is time to take expert help and support, someone to hold your hand and continue to hold your hand, guide you and motivate you and inspire you until you see RESULTS!

Imagine the emotions you will feel when your heart core desire comes true!

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Excitement
  • Confidence
  • High Self Esteem
  • Pride in yourself

And the same feelings will be generated in those who love you and want to see you succeed!

As much as our loved ones want to help us, they may not have the skills and the tools or the time to hold your hand in your journey to success. Your emotional connection may not allow you to seek all that you need for success. This is when it becomes urgent to get expert support.

At Wellness Haven, we provide that support, the time you need, the motivation, the inspiration and someone who will constantly hold you accountable for your success becomes our success!

If you are someone truly interested in making things happen for you, do not waste precious moments of your life.
Seek out any one or more of the following:

  • A FREE Consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your dreams and goals
  • Our 4 hour program “Reclaim Your Happiness” to get you started on the right track
  • Our “Annual Hand Holding Program” where we see you through all stages of making your dreams come true and hold your hand through all stages of emotions: desire, dream, fear, anxiety, excitement, confidence, happiness. Through this journey we also hold your hands as other emotions surge: guilt, regrets, heaviness, lack

Don’t wait to live your life for the only control you have is on the NOW.

call Umang: (925)819-6327
email: umang@wellnesshaven.com



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