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Happiness and joy can be brought into ones life by following very basic life philosophies.

  • Be you. Inculcate habits that you like in others.
  • Love Yourself. When you better yourself in every aspect of your life, loving yourself becomes automatic.
  • Laugh often. Laughing releases happy chemicals in the body and keeps you joyful.
  • Sleep well. By creating better sleeping habits like the time you go to bed, and joyfully preparing for bed keeps you relaxed.
  • Eat well. Eating nurturing food and in a timely manner keeps you well on the inside.
  • Take nature walks. Learning from nature develops a peaceful mind.
  • Exercise/Be in yoga asanas everyday. A strong, flexible and balanced body is a healthy body.
  • Indulge in pranayama and meditation everyday. Such activities boosts the happy and peaceful energy within.
  • Work with discipline. Creating good working habits keeps you financially secure and stress free.
  • Follow your passion. Finding your life’s passion and living it every day keeps you grounded.
  • Surround yourself with those wiser than you. Being with creative, happy, inspiring and wise people develops a better you.
  • Have fun with family and friends. Being and communicating with loving family and friends feeds the joy inside.
  • Free yourself from all outside judgments. Know that the only person you are in control of is you.

Life is as simple and as joyful as you make it. Lead a structured life free from clutter and with a lot of joy and peace. That is all you need to be happy.

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