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Life’s Challenges are the perfect opportunities for Self- Growth


You may have often found yourself facing Life’s Challenges. You may have even said to yourself, “Why me?”  You may have wondered when this challenge will go away. You may have faced anxiety or worse depression as a result…

Life’s challenges have a way of disrupting our lives; coming at times we ‘think’ we need them the least, costing us our valuable time and resources that we could have used elsewhere! Yes it becomes an inconvenience we do not “need” as we stay focused on everything else but this inconvenience! We are irritated and frustrated for we did not ‘plan’ for this challenge!

I do not know of anyone who has not faced of any life challenge!

I also know that most do get very anxious.

I was there once too – a life challenge would get me wringing my hands, in panic and overwhelmed not knowing what to do.

So how do we overcome this feeling of overwhelm?

The answer is very simple and yet profound – by understanding the real meaning of a Life Challenge; changing our perspective on how we look at life, changing our attitude towards life!

What is the real meaning of a Life Challenge?

  • A life challenge is a blessing in disguise.
  • It comes into our life to teach us critical lessons which might not have learned otherwise.
  • It forces us look deeper into our beings for we live in a very external world most of the time.
  • It is an opportunity for growth.
  • It makes us challenge and expand our own self-inflicted boundaries and limits.
  • It makes us strong as we learn how to take action and resolve the challenge to come back into balance, by forcing us to tap into our unknown potentials.
  • It makes us look for solutions we did not think were possible.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ John Kabat-Zin

 We are all limitless in our capabilities. We all have the ability to ride the high tide and come back onto solid ground.

  • Accept the challenge for what it is.
  • Ride the wave as you face feelings and emotions that make you look deeper into yourself, take the necessary action steps as you learn how to resolve the   challenge.
  • Come out of the challenge stronger than ever before!

Let’s not take this beautiful life for granted.  Know that a Life Challenge is there to keep you on your toes as you stay rooted in your faith and belief that ALL IS WELL. ~ Umang Goel

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