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The Many Benefits Of Shavasana

As the yoga class rolls its way towards the end, you face lights up even more than when you were enjoying the bliss of the body opening up during the amazing asana sequences your teacher had planned for you. First comes the “Final Rinsing Twist,” a pose so amazing, it should never be missed. Then comes the blissful Shavasana.

“Shavasana” also pronounced as “Savasana” and also known as “Mrtasana” or  “The Corpse Pose” is the final resting pose and the most important part of the whole yoga asana practice, and yet some unfortunately miss it just for sake of a few more minutes! If it is for any other reason than a pre-scheduled appointment, one wonders if the student understands the benefits of this most important asana of all.

For some, it may be the most challenging asana of all because of its quietness which invites you to simple BE.

Preparation for Shavasana:

  • Dim light
  • Soft Music
  • Teacher’s voice in soft whispers
  • Students becoming comfortable in the bodies and restful in their minds

The teacher may take you through yoga nidra, visualization so that you may reach the deeper realms of your blissful self, reading of mind opening prose or poetry – all while you are at complete rest, relaxing, enjoying the benefits of your hard work in the hour before.

Benefits of Shavasana:

–          Releases stress and anxiety

–          Offers complete relaxation

–          Boosts positive mental energy

–          Refreshes and rejuvenates

–          Encourages going within through silence

–          Enables sleeping meditation benefits

–          Gets you away from constant action in your daily routine

–          Brings blood pressure to optimal levels

–          Releases fatigue and headache

–          Provides the much needed “sleep” that most deprive themselves of

–          Encourages surrender in self-acceptance

–          Brings peacefulness within

–          Allows effortless breathing

After a good yoga asana practice, Shavasana simply opens up your day to peaceful and joyful activity so that you can make your day fruitful and miraculous.

If you have made your way to a yoga class, don’t deprive yourself of another few critical minutes of a shavasana practice. You are worth it. ~ Umang Goel


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  1. Deb Bennett on May 1, 2014 at 2:52 PM said:

    Yes! I practice it to relieve migraine at onset. Shavasana and breathing exercise have kept me migraine free for months now!

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