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Exercising Regularly And Eating Right But Not Losing Weight!

“I am exercising regularly, and I am eating right, but I am not losing weight!”

Some of you will relate to the above statement.

Here are the top few reasons that you may not be losing weight:

  1. You may not be having all the ingredients needed in your exercise routine to lose the fat weight in your body:
  • Are you getting your internal organs completely massaged though yoga asanas 5-6 days a week, so that internal body is functioning its optimal best?
  • Are you building flexibility in your body through the yoga asanas so that all your muscles and ligaments are stretched to build up an optimal circulatory system, a healthy nervous system, an optimally functioning endocrine system, as well as healthy muscular system, lymphatic system, the digestive system? No other exercise does your body good the way a wholesome yoga asana practice does by working you from head to toe.
  • Are you building strength through yoga asanas that work with your own body’s resistance as well as low weights to build up your muscles?
  • Are you building balance through yoga asanas that provide you the very best support through all sorts of props?
  • Are you able to do a combination of yoga asana practice – from the beginner practice to an intermediate level where even the static poses works up your heart rate (which is very much needed for a wholesome practice)?
  • Remember that if you are not able to work up your heart rate quite yet because you do not have the flexibility, strength or stamina to be in asanas that get your heart rate up, then you need to invest time in brisk walking and hiking as well.
  1. You may not be getting quality sleep or the number of hours your body may need:
  • Sleep deprivation affects your metabolism and appetite.
  • Sleep deprivation affects your mood, contributes to stress and impacts the cortisol/fat impacting hormone.
  1. You are leading a stressful life:
  • Constant stress leads to increase in cortisol that leads to increased appetite and increased abdominal fat as well.
  1. You are not eating right, because you are confused about:
  • What you eat
  • When you eat
  • How you eat
  • Where you eat
  • How do you shop for food
  1. You are not tracking your muscle mass and fat percentage:
  • Women lose approximately 1% muscle mass every year after 25-30 years if they do not exercise, continue to eat what they ate when they were younger and are doing nothing different to burn calories.
  • Stick to a daily exercise routine and a healthy eating routine, change your lifestyle and there is no way you will not only feel healthier from within but also start glowing.
  • You are not tracking your eating
  • You over-indulge on vacation, holidays, parties
  • You have become an emotional eater who feels rewarded through eating
  1. You are impatient:
  • You have not given yourself the time your body needs to feel and look better. After all you have spent all these years not taking care of you; how do you expect to achieve results in a few days?
  • Remember that each person is different for each person has a different metabolism, and a different body type. Kapha body types cannot be thin Barbie dolls and still be healthy! Be patient and honor your own body type. The goal should not be to be thin but to be healthy.
  1. You may have a medical condition like the issues relate with thyroid:
  • Thyroid deficiency can decrease your metabolic activity and lead to weight gain. Besides checking with your doctor for thyroid related issues, indulge in yoga asanas especially for thyroids.
  • Find out from your doctor if you have any medical condition affecting your metabolism and weight gain.
  1. You have reached a plateau:
  • If you are trying to lose pounds and you have not budged for 4 weeks in a row, you have reached a plateau.
  • A healthy and wholesome yoga practice should come with different sequences to keep the body challenged.
  • If you are not eating enough of the right food before you exercise, you will not have enough fuel to burn the fat and will act negatively in your goal to lose weight.
  1. You do not have a daily Pranayama/Breathing practice and Meditation practice to keep you calm, relaxed and at peace:
  • Just like we eat every day, we need to exercise our lungs every day.
  • We need a daily meditation practice to create a peaceful mind that is relaxed even when presented with life events that puts one out of balance temporarily.

10. You are at optimal weight and fat percentage for your body:

  • Not everyone needs to have a slim figure.
  • Not everyone needs to lose weight.
  • What you do need is to be HEALTHY: Exercise regularly, Eat right for your body type, Sleep well, remain Stress Free. And that is it!

At Wellness Haven you get to be healthy and wholesome:

  1. A wholesome Yoga Asana practice suitable for your body.
  2. A wholesome Nutrition Program that takes care of your body.
  3. A wholesome Breathing and meditation practice that takes care of your lungs and your mind.

Spend 3 months with us and see how healthy and wholesome you feel. What are you waiting for?

We would love to hear from you in the comments below. And please share your joy with others as well.


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