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Solitude Is Self Love

Only when you learn to love yourself do you love your solitude.

There is a difference between loneliness and solitude.

Solitude allows you to reflect and understand yourself, which is one of the most difficult things to do for those who find their pleasure only when they are with someone.  Such people become restless unless they are in a constant state of connection with the outside world and doing something or the other.  Such people face loneliness.

Loneliness is failed solitude.” ~ Sherry Turkle

On the other hand solitude is a choice. You prefer your own company for it gives you the peace, the comfort, the relaxation, and complete rest that is only possible when you are by yourself and away from the daily drama of life. This solitude becomes blissful when the mind is also at complete rest, that is you are in a meditative state with your eyes closed and none of your body parts are moving. This is a time which leads you to creativity and productivity and achieves your very best.

“When you learn to love your own company you become far more careful who you spend your time with.”  ~ Katrina Mayer

We live in a society where many do not understand the criticality of solitude. The daily issues that people are faced with would take on a completely different meaning and people would be able to stay away from anxiety and depression if they were to practice the art of self-discovery  through solitude.

We all need to learn how to love our own company, become our own beloved and choose wisely who we are with at other times. When this self-love prospers, we do not use the external world as a means of escape.

A person complete on the inside loves solitude.

A person who is unable to live with the self is lonely, for such a person considers it an imprisonment, a punishment, and struggles with living on a daily basis.

Solitude does not mean you let go of society.

Solitude  means that you embrace society with acceptance and deep love for the self, enabling a richer and more empowered society.

 Going from loneliness to being complete is the process of self-discovery, which comes only with proper guidance, time and patience. The practice of Meditation, Controlled Breathing/Pranayama, Yoga enable this process of self-discovery. The result is invaluable. ~ Umang Goel

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