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This blog is devoted to just some of the yogic poses that we do in Wellness Haven Yoga Classes that are easily transformed into vigorous workouts for those who want more intense and calorie burning workouts. These impact all areas of the body and especially the belly! The point to be noted is that these supplement the much needed yogic stretches and sequences with many asana moves in a flow like the sun salutation, the pigeon sequence,the warrior sequence, the arm balances or the crow sequence, the leg balances and many other yogic stretches that keep us fit and in shape at Wellness Haven. Never make the mistake of replacing the asanas with these vigorous exercises.

Remember that the most critical part of losing the muffin top belly is EATING RIGHT! Losing fat weight is not about doing the right thing sometimes like joining the marathon once and feeling good about it and then never doing it again! or drinking drinking a green smoothie, but it is about changing your lifestyle gently and gradually. Jump-Start Your Life Program at Wellness Haven puts you in the right track and keeps you going for life.

Problem Area: Muffin Top Belly

Do the following exercises 3-10 times based on your stamina and experience level. Always consult your doctor first before attempting any new exercise.

1. Bicycle Crunch: 3-10

2. Double Leg Raise: 3-10

3. Regular or Side Planks: 3-10

4. Leg Windshield Wipers: 3-10

5. Swimmers: 3-10

6. Mountain Climbers: 3-10

7. Leg Scissors: 3-10

8. Double Leg Circular Rotation: 3-10 in each direction

9. Lunges:3-10

10. Situps: 3-10

11. Pushups: 3-10

12. And of course do a few Sun Salutations and you are all set!


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