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Yoga Asanas For Being In The Present

Yoga is such a beautiful way to be in the present moment.

We are always rushing through life – doing this and running towards that! While we are doing one thing, our minds have already rushed into something else. Many thoughts run throughout the day as ‘doing’ continues to unfold.

Never BEING in the moment depletes us in so many ways leading to many frustrations, restlessness and the inability to complete any one task thoroughly with peace in the heart.

A wonderful way is to have a yoga asana practice each day. In an unrushed yoga asana practice the mind is engaged in self-discovery of both the body and the mind and even more so the breath. It urges us to relax in the moment, pay attention to the self and become mindful of the life-force that is keeping us alive. The frustrations of the day release, judgments disappear, stresses dissolve, the tight grip on life relaxes, and we become grounded and centered in our beings. We become keenly aware and fine-tuned with who we are, where we are and where we are headed  and pave our way to becoming the wholesome human we are at our core.

Here are some yoga asanas that help us be in the present, to get grounded, especially when we are on our feet and rushing through life or waiting in frustration to get our turn!

  1. Being still and in correct alignment in Tadasana / Mountain Pose is very centering.
  2. Clasping hands behind our back as we wait our turn relaxes the shoulders and the tension in the back.
  3. Stretching the head sideways as we take a break in the middle of a task releases the stress in the neck.
  4. Standing and twisting our bodies slightly as we swivel our feet calms our nervous energy.

Try these simple yoga asanas next time you feel frustration, impatience or tension well up within you and experience for yourself the relaxation these bring.

Life is very precious. Do not let your moments pass you by. ~ Umang Goel

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