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Yoga Benefits

– Yoga Asanas has countless benefits and yet each day I find that it reveals its immeasurable benefits that feel the need to share.

  • Amazing sleep benefits:

Your body progresses at the rate you want it to progress. It is essential that you continue to exercise your body through the asanas that suit your body’s needs with the intensity that is suitable for you. Give it up and you will see that impact on your sleep state: you become sleep deprived.

I experienced it first hand when I did not indulge in asana practice during my vacation with the same intensity that I practice when I am not on vacation. The quality of sleep was disturbed quite a bit and amazed me at its impacts. I had thought a gentle version of the practice during vacation would suffice, but it proved otherwise.

  • Flexibility increases multiple folds over months and years of practicing consistently:

    Even though I used to be an active runner, running 6 miles every morning, and an active kick-boxing student, I never experienced the kind of flexibility I used to see in so many others who had an active yoga asana practice. And then yoga asanas became a part of my everyday life. With increased flexibility, the impossible yoga asanas became possible, the aches and pains disappeared and my posture improved.

    Someone who used to be in a head to knee pose with head 1 foot away from the knee, a year of yoga kept me pleasantly surprised at my progress. I amazed myself when my nose could touch my knees with my elbows touching the earth on both sides of my legs.

    The twists that used to show me the inflexibility in my spine and very small range of motion initially made me fall in love with such asanas that relaxed and detoxified my spine. The increase in the range of motion was quite an eye opener.

  • Strength builds keeping the posture and the muscles in optimal condition:

    In general, women who do not exercise have weaker body and so was my case. But with a daily yoga asana practice that included strength building asanas like side planks and push-ups, my strength improved gradually and with this improvement my muscles became in a better shape holding my bones in place. It was quite a revelation when others started commenting on my yogic stance.

    I also understood what could not be achieved through running and kickboxing and for gym visitors who just indulge in weight lifting – you build strength at the expense of flexibility, which is invaluable.”

  • Corrects posture that is the foundation of a healthy body:

    More people than not that I come across have their heads not resting on the spine the way it should. No wonder they experience neck stress and strain, tiredness, aches and pains  in other parts of the body as well and degenerative arthritis of the spine. Spinal disks are the shock absorbers between vertebrae. When not exercised through forward folds, backbends and twists, these compress and in turn compress the nerves causing pain, tingling sensation and inflammation in various parts of the body.

    At a young age when I started experiencing arthritic condition on my right finger, right lower back and right knee, I was scared. The yoga asana practice has gone a long way in keeping me fatigue free, energetic and walking tall. It has maintained the suppleness of my spine.

  • Flexible joints let you live an active life:

    Many have accepted their immobile state as something that comes naturally with age! This is not correct at all. We have several examples of those above 80 and 90 who are completely fit and active.

    A daily practice of yoga asanas has increased my joint mobility tremendously. A fluid joint is a mobile joint and a critical aspect of an active and mobile life.

  • An optimal bone density prevents diseases like osteoporosis:

    Many are misinformed when they think that one cannot build more than flexibility through yogic stretches. In fact there are many yoga postures where we use our own weight and our own body resistance to strengthen our bones and prevent osteoporosis.

  • A balanced body keeps the weight evenly distributed and prevents falls:

The balancing yoga asanas prove to be a critical component of a sound yoga practice. Balance can come only with increased focus and understanding of the body. Balancing asanas when practiced daily bring balance to bodies that never thought it was possible. It has enabled many to prevent unnecessary falls resulting in severe damage to body parts.

  • Increased blood circulation prevents many diseases like heart attack, strokes and kidney issues:

    Yogic stretching and twisting improve oxygenation of the cells as the circulatory system improves through increased levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

  • Optimizing the lymphatic system strengthens the auto immune system:

Yogic movements enable the viscous fluid – lymph – rich in immune cells to drain properly, which in turn support the lymphatic system to fight diseases by optimizing functioning at the cellular level.

  • Aerobic integration into yoga asana practice keeps the heart healthy:

    An integrative yoga practice provides the most optimal combination of exercises to enable smooth functioning of the body and the mind, and  unlike any other form of exercise. Many are unaware of the aerobic benefits of an intense yoga practice.

    The following is a combination of yoga asana practice that needs to be a part of every active yogins life. This simply means that each week should be a healthy combination of all aspects of yoga, keeping in mind that a beginner students has to gradually build up their practice to reap the full benefits of yoga.

    1. Slow gentle and restorative yoga asanas provides safe stretches that calm the mind and the body and even beginners of yoga or those who have never exercises are able to do it.
    2. Various levels of bone and muscle strengthening yoga asanas strengthens the muscles and the bones and can be practiced by people in various stages of their yoga journey.
    3. Balancing yoga asanas that bring focus, concentration, and calmness are also easily practiced without support as well as with the support of a wall so that all can take advantage.
    4. The progression of very gentle and easy to more intense yoga asanas support people in various stages of their yoga practice from beginner to advanced building the much needed stamina and endurance.
    5. And last but not the least  as the stamina and endurance increases, the body is also able to be in asanas longer or go through a more intense flow where the heart rate increases supporting the much needed aerobic aspect of a yoga practice which keeps the blood pumping with increased heart rate and improving cardiovascular functioning. This is one and the only aspect though that a beginner may not be able to experience for it comes with gradual and consistent daily practice over a period of time. Those who stay put reap the benefits.

 Those who have made a daily yoga asana practice together with pranayama/controlled breathing practice, and meditation are the ones who maximize their health benefits. These are also conscious human beings who are aware and also integrate a healthy eating practice. They are those who have educated themselves and such education stays with an individual for a life time.

Whether it is high blood pressure, hypertension, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, chronic pain, increased blood sugar, excess body weight or loss of appetite, a healthy, safe and wholesome yoga practice is your answer.

If you are someone who is able to achieve all of this on your own, you are very fortunate and keep up with it. Most people are unable to have an effective practice on their own and require a group environment that motivates them, and inspires them to stay connected to themselves. It is never enough to do something randomly, but it truly pays to have a consistent practice.

Just like we breathe and eat every day, we also need to exercise every day.

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