General Guidelines on how to decide which yoga class to attend

You can mix and match any of the regularly scheduled classes.

1. Yoga Clinic:
Beginner Yoga Clinic on Saturday Mornings are recommended for everyone: In this class we will be spending time on each yoga pose so that when you are in a flow class you understand the way the poses are done correctly in order to maximize your benefits and so that you do not get hurt.

2. Beginner Slow Paced Flow Yoga Class:
If you are not used to exercising in general, you may be lacking in strength, flexibility and stamina, and may not be able to do the regular yoga classes or if you are recovering from injury and the doctor has recommended yoga, the Beginner Slow Paced Restorative Yoga class is just for you, so that you can gradually build up your strength step by step, understand each pose, ask questions and then progress into any of the other regular classes 

Non-beginners are loving the slow paced beginner yoga, because there is enough time in between poses to get them right!
See what non-beginner Sara K, who immediately signed up for the annual yoga program, has to say:
“I like it because: 

  • I could concentrate more on my breathing
  • Umang had time to walk around and make corrections
  • I got better stretches by doing them more slowly”

Many advanced students also like these classes as these are more restorative in nature and we spend more time in each pose.

3. All Levels Yoga Class:
These classes are a mixture of flow, medium paced as well as very slow paced, while we are learning the advanced techniques.  

  • If you thrive on learning, challenging yourself and mastering, even though you may be limited in your strength, flexibility or stamina, the Advanced Yoga class maybe for you. Many beginners join Advanced Yoga and progress at an accelerated pace!
  • If you like flow based classes, have the strength, flexibility, stamina as well as have yoga experience; you are just right for the Advanced Yoga Class.

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