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New Student Information

All New Students Must Complete A 3 Step Process Prior To Attending Classes

(*The ONLY exception to this process is for out-of-town Drop-In students on their first visit only; these students pay $24 for the drop-in.)


Step 1: Wellness Haven Policies:

Make yourself completely aware of our policies so that there are no confusions by filling out and signing the (click)Wellness Haven Policy Form.

Step 2: Please complete New Student Online Registration Form:

When you register online (click)New Student Registration Form through step 2, you are asked to let us know when you would like to come in for New Student Evaluation ($55 value is offered as a compliment to those becoming our students) and Orientation. Please look at the Wellness Haven Class Schedule (Click Here for Class Schedule) for the time slots “Schedule Your New Student Appointment” reserved for this process. We will email you confirming the date and time we will meet you or ask you to re-schedule if slot is not available.

Step 3: New Student Evaluation and Orientation:

Umang, as a Health and Wellness Coach loves meeting all her students, and especially her first time students, one on one to get to know your health goals a little better, for it is health that comes first and foremost with her above anything else – When you are healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, everything else in life becomes a healthy by-product. Please feel free to discuss your health concerns for we have programs for all health related concerns for you and your family. Please wear stretchy clothes for your evaluation and orientation session.

Once we have the above in place, new students are much more comfortable in coming into our studio and maximize their health benefits as they are ready to start attending classes at Wellness Haven. We look forward to meeting you!

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us:

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