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Wellness Haven Policy Form & Contract

Download, Print, Sign and bring it in:  Wellness Haven Policy Form and Contract

Created:  January 1, 2010
Updated:  July 1, 2015
Last Updated: August 20, 2017

We are here to impact your health – mental, physical, and nutritional – through well-structured Wellness Haven programs in a safe environment.

Wellness Haven has strict policies in place so that there are no confusions for anyone coming in as a student or as a teacher. Please read carefully BEFORE you come in for your first class. This will create a sense of harmony for all concerned, for HARMONY is behind the philosophy of Wellness Haven. This form will be reviewed and updated at the discretion of the owner of Wellness Haven annually or as needed. Policy updates will be made known to all students and will require student review and signature on paper copy of the form before continuing with any program at Wellness Haven.

We ask that you print, initial and sign this form before you start any program with Wellness Haven. As you read, please initial besides each policy acknowledging that you have read and understood each policy on the form. If you have any questions, please ask before initialing. After reading all policies, please sign at the bottom of the page acknowledging that you have read and understood every Wellness Haven Policy. Thank You.

______1. External Deal offerings for Wellness Haven Classes: I understand that all external deals are for new students ONLY towards any given service, without any exceptions, no matter what I may see in any future offering through any external deal.  If I have attended even one class at Wellness Haven, I will not be able to come in through any external deal offering, no matter how much time may have elapsed from my last visit.

______2. External Deal expiration date:  (Put NA if not Applicable to you.)
I understand that external deal expiration date will be strictly followed; irrespective of any medical conditions that I may come up during my term at Wellness Haven and that there will be no roll-over.  I acknowledge that my external deal expires 1 Week or 2 weeks or 1 Month or 3 Months, or any other period of time, whichever maybe applicable, from the Join Date, which is the Evaluation Date at Wellness Haven or the completion of the number of classes bought, whichever comes first.  The deal will expire on __________________________.  I understand there will be no exceptions.

______3. Policy for Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable Wellness Haven Services and Products:
I understand that all services and products are non-transferable (either between 2 programs or between 2 people) and non-refundable. I have understood the program offerings completely before buying any service or product at Wellness Haven.

______4. Wellness Haven Program Extension Policy: I understand that Wellness Haven does not allow extensions in any of their programs for any reason.

______5. No Bargain/Haggle policy: I understand that I am not allowed to bargain/haggle on any Wellness Haven service or product – either the regular fixed price or the discounted offerings. Doing so, while already involved in a program at Wellness Haven will result in terminating the contract.

______6. Wellness Haven Fee Policy: I understand that Wellness Haven Fee is due on the very first day of the Join Date each month as a monthly paying student or the very first day of the Join Date each year as a yearly paying student. I will be allowed a 1 day grace date. The 2nd day of non-payment will incur a penalty of $25 and an additional $1 each day after the 2nd day of non-payment. I understand that I can pay by cash, and check. I understand that all bounced checks will have a penalty of $25.

______7. Wellness Haven Discount policy: I understand that any break in my schedule will take me out of the discounted program and put me on the regular fee schedule.

______8. Wellness Haven Decorum policy: I understand that at Wellness Haven I need to follow the following guidelines at all times:
                 a. I will sign in the ‘Daily Attendance Form’ before taking my mat, even if I come in late.
                 b. If I come in late, I will make sure I do not disturb the ongoing class.
                 c. If I come in early, I will make sure that I do not disturb the ongoing class.
                 d. I will roll my straps, put away the yoga accessories in the assigned place, clean-up after myself before leaving Wellness Haven.
                 e. If I need to leave before the class ends for any reason, I will leave before the final resting pose ‘shavasana’ begins, so that I do not disturb the students in resting pose.
                 f. I will wear shoes only in the designated area in Wellness Haven.
                g. I understand that Wellness Haven provides yoga mats for structure only and  I should bring my own yoga mat to follow hygiene principles. I can choose to place the mat on Wellness Haven mat or directly on the studio floor. Wellness Haven is not responsible for using Wellness Haven Yoga Mat for any reason.
                h. If I bring a child in, my child will sit quietly in the Wellness Haven reception area and without disturbing the class for any reason.
                i. I will bring my own water bottle to class. I can buy water bottle at Wellness Haven for $1.
                j. I am responsible for bringing in my own props and accessories to Wellness Haven. Wellness Haven will not be held responsible for anything if I choose to use Wellness Haven provided props and accessories.

______9. Wellness Haven Fee policy for guests of existing students: I understand that I can bring in a drop-in guest (adult or child) for a yoga session, and I understand that I am liable to pay the drop-in fee of $24 per guest per yoga session before the class. I also understand that if my child is not yet capable of independently doing yoga on the mat, I will need to take the child out of the class so that the ongoing class is left undisturbed.

______10. Wellness Haven Constructive Feedback: I understand that Wellness Haven appreciates constructive feedback at all times for it helps them improve their services and products.
*** We expect all our students to feel free to come directly to us and speak about any concern they may have. Wellness Haven is a small business where you are heard in a timely fashion. Even though we realize that we cannot please everyone, we try our very best to take all actions that are beneficial to all our students and Wellness Haven. We encourage loyalty and a heartfelt community which we achieve through honesty and compassion.

______11. Wellness Haven Open Communication: I understand that I can approach the instructor/owner at the beginning or end of my class and communicate any questions or concerns I may have. I’ve already consulted my doctor and am allowed to join Wellness Haven programs. I understand that you are not a nutritionist, or a dietitian, and that you are a nutrition coach and instructor of yoga.

______12. Wellness Haven Holiday Policy: I understand that Wellness Haven has standard holidays and no classes are held during this time, except at the discretion of the instructor. I understand that these holidays are very much a part of the months I am enrolled in and does not pause or extend my program.

I also understand that within each year Wellness Haven may take a 2-3 weeks break at any given point in time and will be considered a part of the 6 months and 12 month programs. During this time there may be a substitute teacher taking over the classes with a modified schedule, but no promises are made.

______13. Wellness Haven Harassment Policy: I understand that I cannot threaten, harass, or legally sue Wellness Haven due to any reason. I agree to signing the Release of Liability at the end of this document, and understand that not signing this policy results in termination of any contract. Negative reviews left on Wellness Haven business pages can be reported and legally sued upon by owner if left wrongfully.

______14. Wellness Haven holds the right to refuse service at any time for any reason: I understand that Wellness Haven reserves the right to refuse service at any time and for any reason. Any misbehavior and misconduct on my part will end my contract with Wellness Haven for any Wellness Haven Program at any time. I also understand that my contract for any Wellness Haven Program can be terminated at the discretion of Wellness Haven’s Owner at any time.

Release of Liability:

In signing below I agree that Wellness Haven LLC, the Instructor & the Facility are in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class. I understand that the yoga class conducted at Wellness Haven, LLC may be physically strenuous and I voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury or death. I understand that participating in the Wellness Haven Programs – Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation and Breathing, Private Coaching at Wellness Haven, LLC is my own decision and that results vary between individuals. I have read, understood and agree with the Wellness Haven Policies listed at:  https://www.wellnesshaven.com/policies/. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Wellness Haven, LLC, the Instructor & the Facility for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

Name in print: _________________________________________________________________

Release of Liability – Signature
___________________________________ Date____________


***We reserve the right to refuse service at any time for any reason.

Thank You,
Wellness Haven 




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