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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully We are human beings. Our bodies degrade as we age, and that is a fact! We cannot deny aging. But what we CAN DO and what IS IN OUR HANDS: AGE GRACEFULLY SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS HOW can you do this? Take care of yourself through expert help that already exists without reinventing the wheel


Manage Your Stress Effectively

Manage Your Stress Effectively – Reclaim Your Happiness You are under stress if you are not in your naturally joyful state of being. There are many underlying factors causing stress in ones life, but every factor is a result of the 3 critical factors mentioned below: Relationship: You are in an uncomfortable relationship with a significant

Wellness Haven Gentle Yoga on Chair With Dumb-bells

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga It is with great pleasure I am writing this post, for 2014 is the year I visited my parents in India and it urged me to introduce Gentle Yoga at Wellness Haven. My mom is 75 and my dad is 83. I knew that both had started doing Gentle Stretches on recommendation form their

Correcting Your Posture

Correcting Your Posture

Correct Your Posture With Yoga Posture is critical to a healthy human. You may ask, “Why?” We have all grown up being admonished at some point or another about our posture. Posture is the body’s correct alignment and positioning of muscles, ligaments and joints with respect to the gravitational force in all body positions, whether it


Can I Do Yoga?

Can I Do Yoga?   The word ‘yoga’ has become very widely known in the recent times, and rightly so for its innumerable benefits. Many are wondering and questioning, “Can I do yoga?” and my response is “Yes, you can!” Yoga is not about being in a pose, but it is about being with yourself,


Not Losing Weight!

Exercising Regularly And Eating Right But Not Losing Weight! “I am exercising regularly, and I am eating right, but I am not losing weight!” Some of you will relate to the above statement. Here are the top few reasons that you may not be losing weight: You may not be having all the ingredients needed


Health Matters

Health Matters How unfortunate it is that it takes a drastic life event for people to start taking a deeper look at what is keeping them in a dis-eased state of being. People are investing a lot of money in food they do not need, drinks that is doing nothing towards their health, clothes and


Meditation – An Answer To Chaos

Meditation – An Answer To Chaos When I read the article about the movie, “The Connection – Mind Your Body,” I knew I had to share this with everyone. Meditation is not quite what many may think. It is not that you have to sit in front of a candle and concentrate hard to empty


Blessed At Wellness Haven Yoga

Blessed At Wellness Haven Yoga School we are very blessed to have the most positive, joyful, progressive, compassionate and kind people who come to us and become a part of our amazing community, a family of people who care and share and learn and progress together. This is only because we encourage and support such


A Healthier Lifestyle

A Healthier Lifestyle   A key aspect of any nutrition program should be to keep one healthy and not starving or depleted or in misery! At Wellness Haven we believe in gradually changing our lifestyle so that we are on a healthy path. We do not believe in yo-yo behavior patterns that actually destroy the


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