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I want to lose weight

Get Back on Track Before Holidays!

If you have made “losing weight” as your serious goal, then you deserve a pat on your back! At Wellness Haven, our goal is to help, guide and support you in your mission to get your health back on track before the new year is on us. Staying healthy is our area of expertise and

Lose Extra Body Fat

Eat Clean To Lose Weight

Losing unnecessary weight is quite an art and a skill that all those who carry extra weight, should learn to lead a healthier life. At Wellness Haven, our focus is on a healthy lifestyle that supports weight loss very effectively and in a wholesome manner, rather than quick and temporary weight loss gimmicks that seem to be so prevalent


I Am Stuck!

How many times in your life have you felt “I am STUCK!”? It is our mission at Wellness Haven Yoga in San Ramon to enable you to become “unstuck” and to take charge of your life back into your own hands through our various programs that suit your need. We discover your need through a complimentary

Pain Relief at Wellness Haven Yoga

I Hurt All Over!

“Every bone in my body hurts! I am hardly sleeping at night. Please take me to the doctor!”  This used to be my thought every night in 2006 until I actually took action to do something about it. Wellness Haven Yoga in San Ramon has been created with love and compassion in the heart for women who

Healing at Wellness Haven

Reduce Chaos In Your Life Through Yoga

Yoga is a form of meditation that greatly assists in bringing harmony and balance to the mind-body experience. By utilizing poses and breathing, yoga improves fitness while reducing stress. Access your inner strength with yoga and develop insight and focus while increasing your flexibility. Here in San Ramon, at The Wellness Haven our mission is to


Lose Pounds, Tighten Muscles, Eradicate Health Issues

Lose Pounds, Tighten Muscles, Eradicate Health Issues For Good! We are getting ready for August and renewed energy to help even more people suffering from “over-weight” issues. With each group of people who go through our 12 Week Nutrition – Lower Your Fat, we make it even more robust than ever before simply because our

Simple Stretches

Yoga For Health

At Wellness Haven Yoga School in San Ramon, we see so many students on a daily basis coming in with various health issues. Stiffness in muscles and joints and inflexibility limits the body not due to age but due to inactive bodies.  Yoga Asana is one of the 8 limbs of yoga and is an


I Finally Lost Weight!

“I Finally Did It!” Yes that is what many of our Nutrition Students who joined “Wellness Haven 12 Week Nutrition Program – Lower Your Fat and Lose Inches and Pounds” are saying! Beautiful words from one of our newer Nutrition students, who joined in “Wellness Haven 12 Week Nutrition Program – Lower Your Fat and

Weight Loss Journey Jan 12 2014 to April 2014

I Want To Lose Weight!

Are you someone who starts each year saying, “I want to lose weight?” and yet remain unsuccessful? You have come to the right place. At Wellness Haven, we are very successful at transforming the very way you think about health, nutrition, what you should eat and when and how! Read below to see what Catherine had


I Do Not Like To Exercise!

Are you someone who says, “I do not like to exercise!” ? Wellness Haven excels at providing a program for those who”hate” exercising! We have programs for EVERYONE: We have a class where you forget that you did not like exercising for you are taken into a joyful worls where you simply thrive in what


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