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Dear Umang, Today is the anniversary of my first yoga class at Wellness Haven and I wanted to thank you for an enlightening year. I have appreciated the dedication and commitment you have to yoga, as well as how you live this commitment every day, serving as such a fine example of good health to all your students.
You inspire me. I am well aware of how far I have to go on my personal journey to better health but this journey will be richer because I know you.
P.S. Inside the little bag is a very small token of thanks. It will look like perpetual sunshine around your wrist.” ~

Cynthia Sofranac

A beautiful email went out from one of Wellness Haven Yoga Students to someone suffering from Plantar Fascitis and it is worth sharing for all those who are in a similar situation:

So sorry to hear of your foot pain and I hope you are taking it easy. I also had plantar fasciitis (3 years ago) and I know how painful that is. I also took cortizone shots on my feet (twice) and used to wear the nigh splint at bed coz it would hurt so much and would hobble around in pain when I got up from bed. Surgery is probably what the doctors would have recommended next.

Two years ago I started going to Umang’s Yoga and have been a regular ever since. Not only is my foot pain completely gone, but I had even forgotten I used to have Plantar till I read your email I know we all have our personal preference when it comes to our heath and exercise routine, but I am a big believer in yoga and it really works for me. I know it is something I can can do for life with little risk of injury. People can injure themselves even with yoga and like anything else it has to be practiced intelligently. I really wanted to share this with you since you mentioned doing other workouts, and over-doing it. I also really like Umang’s yoga for the fitness regimen it provides. It feels like a good workout and now if I don’t go for a week I feel that something is missing. And I love my yoga abs!!

You will be in our thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery. And let us know if we can help or drive you around.


Shriti Bhandari

I am extremely excited to be here at Umang’s Wellness Haven where I have been practicing yoga for nearly two years now. In January of this year, I further enrolled in the teacher’s training program- this is an incredible experience training with an awesome mentor and fabulous classmates!! Thanks to my best friend Harpeet who introduced me to this studio, I feel privileged and thankful to learn and practice yoga at Wellness Haven!!”.

Poonam Uppal

I have never attended a Retreat before and just started my yoga exercise journey approximately 12 months ago, very serious and dedicated for the past 8-9 months. I have seen my body transform to a leaner, stronger and toned version with generally healthy eating. I also experienced a calmer mind. as a connection to my body.
I first hesitated to join Umang’s Retreat but decided I needed some help to sort through some emotional and frustrating life challenges. After our first day of Retreat, , I felt so uplifted and relieved after meditating and learning ho to journal as writing down all of my life concerns, dreams and actions. After speaking with my daughter the first day, she could tell that I was so much calmer and content.
I made some wonderful new friends that opened their hearts and souls to me which I truly cherish.
I feel like I can take the tools I have learned in Umang’s Retreat to take the next step out of my emotional grief and accomplish my life dreams.
Thank you to my wonderful new friends..

Elaine Francisco

Hi, Umang,
Yesterday’s yoga and meditation class was exactly what I needed to start off my beautiful weekend. You truly have such a beautiful community of people supporting each other. I’m so glad to be part of this. After the class, I went into the city and had a wonderful lunch and walked around Presidio for several hours with my family. What a beautiful day! It’s a long time since I feel such joy and peace… to feel alive!
I am starting my 9th week in the Nutrition Program. This is a lifestyle change that will be there for rest of my life. And I graciously embrace it and continue to look forward to healing.


I have been with Umang for about 6 months. I have been to other yoga classes but never stuck around. Umang’s class resonated with me and I wanted to be here, but I have been a very sporadic student in spite of wanting to be here due to my hectic work schedule. I called Umang this morning and told her that now I can start coming to the 10 am class because I have been laid off! I took this as an opportunity to take care of my health. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I always try to see the positive in every situation, and that is why I am here.

Ms. Q.

Umang, I am so excited! During today’s class I noticed how much stronger and more flexible I am than when I started in October! Thank you!

Deb Bennett

Hi Umang! I wanted to share that I was recently involved in a car accident in which thankfully no one was seriously injured. I was rear ended at a very high speed and then crashed into a palm tree. During my physical exam the doctor said my hip flexors (which suffered blunt trauma by the lap belt) had a good range of motion. This certainly was not the case before I started doing yoga with you/started practicing almost every day (which you inspired me to do!). I feel that having a more flexible and strong body helped me in unknown ways during this accident. Of course, the body is still very vulnerable and I had the seat belt/air bag/car/God’s protection as well. But perhaps my inner organs were stronger and more resilient because of yoga and I am so very happy to say that within days I was back to practicing again and I have been even more motivated to keep up my practice and take care of my body. Thank you Umang.

Jennifer Schiller

I think the very best thing you’ve done with the program is have us teach each other from the very beginning. I was nervous about it the first time, but the exposure of being in front of people is so helpful and encouraging. And it definitely helps too that I think we all enjoy each others company. I also really appreciate the daily packets you give us instead of just pointing us to page numbers in our books. It really helps to have the whole day documented in one place.

Kristian Lorenzo

Wow !!! what an experience…
I theoretically knew that Yoga helps so much with one’s health, and now I am experiencing it. I want to share my experience with everyone. I am very healthy and feel very healthy.

Last Jan I went to my Gynecologist for my yearly check up, and although everything else was good, my doctor thought my throat was swollen. She wanted to make sure that everything is ok and sent me for thyroid gland scanning and blood test. My blood report was good but in scanning, they saw 3-4 nodules which were much larger than usual. My doctor advised me to contact a thyroid specialist, but I could get an appointment only after almost 1.5 months! In the mean time I kept up with my daily yoga practice at Wellness Haven. The Thyroid Specialist suggested an biopsy, which was done a week later.

The biopsy showed only one nodule and that too in a very healthy state! It was such a great news! I think this is all because of Umang’s Yoga. Umang is amazing and she always focuses on stretching throat muscles along with all other stretches. I also see so much change in my metabolism. I have so much more so much clarity in my voice when I talk. I love everything we do at Umang’s Yoga class.

Thanks Umang so much for helping so many people. I love your enthusiasm while teaching yoga.


Dear Umang, Georgetta & I are very happy that we found out about you & your yoga classes. For two people around that 70 year young age, you have made your classes easy & fun to attend. We are sorry that we have to leave back to our home in Michigan in a couple of weeks, but will try to do your yoga moves while we are there so that when we get back in the Fall we will still be in good shape. You do a great job teaching the experts as well as the very beginners & also the very young to the older people. We would recommend you to anyone.

Paul & Georgetta Felix

This was my first time trying yoga and I’m so glad I purchased the groupon. The teacher made me feel welcome and comfortable enough where I could push myself without feeling self conscious. She also makes the class a lot of fun for the participants as it is not uptight and quiet, she talks us through poses and answers questions. I have now recommended, and they join, her studio to 5 friends and my 2 step daughters, aged 9 & 10 (they join me in beg an intermediate) and everyone loves the class. My stepdaughters ask every week if we’re going and the instructor asks about them.


I’ve only been to one class so far, but I really enjoyed it. Umang has an obvious passion for what she does, the class flowed nicely and the vibe was very positive. I love it when I learn new asanas (I’ve been practicing more than 10 yrs).


My Dear Umang,
Thank you for bringing me out of myself. I know meeting you – you have been a gift of great energy, and you know how to use your strength – without taking anything from the individual. Staying here I resonate with one thing and that is understanding how to love oneself without any fear and judgment. You make me realize relationships matter, but how we care for them and enrich our lives with them makes us better every day. So you should know that you make my today better than yesterday, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart


I came to “Wellness Haven Yoga Studio” through two of my good friends. I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to yoga and to Umang, who has inspired me from the very beginning! My Journey so far has been a very fruitful one. I came through Groupon , and very quickly enrolled in the 3 month Nutrition, Breathing/Meditation & Yoga Class Package. Within a few weeks I realized the benefits of eating right. I Felt so light, energetic & flexible wanting to do more in life. Good nutrition in conjunction with yoga is a very beautiful experience. You need to try this to feel it for yourself !! Pretty soon I became an Annual student. A month later I wanted to learn everything there is to yoga because I was loving it so much, I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher’s Training Program. I know I can do this because of Umang. She inspires, pushes and encourages me to do my very best. Under her expert guidance, only Sky is the limit ! Umang is a very dedicated, beautiful, loving, kind, caring and spiritual person. I love the energy and motivation she brings in to her class. Her classes are fresh, challenging, fun & fulfilling, leaving you yearn for more. It has been a very good mental, physical and spiritual experience for me so far. I will always be grateful to have found this peaceful haven where I can learn, improve and grow in everyway I can.

Aparna Ananth

Prior to joining Wellness Haven, I had some health issues going on. I just wanted to feel better and be more active. After Joining Wellness Haven, I see a lot of improvement in my overall well being. I came to know about Wellness Haven through two of my friends. I thought this might be like any other regular yoga studio, but to my surprise I was wrong as I found Umang not only very energetic, loving and caring but she knew so much about life in general and how yoga,when taught correctly, can do wonders to someone’s self esteem. Her attitude is upbeat and her energy is infectious. I went from not doing yoga at all to making yoga a regular regimen in my daily schedule. She is an amazing person and motivates me to do better each day. She is so inspiring, encouraging and non judgmental. Her class is not boring and it flows from one pose to the next. For me she is an absolutely perfect teacher and I hope she will remain my teacher for years to come.


I was a little skeptical when Umang asked me to try the
Gentle Yoga class but I have to say the weeks worth of the Gentle Yoga
has been an eye opener. I feel empowered because I can do the whole
session without having to modify any of the poses. At the same time I
feel that I am getting the benefit of stretching all the parts of my body.
I love it. I wish it had been in place when I first started. As usual Umang
is in tune with what we need and probably understands our strengths
and limitations better than we do! Thank you!


“I had started yoga classes with Umang in 2010 when she was teaching @ AT&T. In the beginning, I was not optimistic about it. I took classes for more than a year and gained confidence in myself. Due to project work, I had to leave west coast. Good thing about yoga once you used for it, you still want to continue no matter where you are. I used to jog before starting yoga, but due to limitation of time and fatigue, I discontinued. Nowadays, I feel completely disconnected if I don’t do yoga at least three times per week. I encourage everybody practice yoga, good starting point is with Umang. All the best.”


I started Yoga with you on July 9, 2013. About 1 year ago. I was in bad shape then. My sciatica pain was bad, had to take painkillers almost every night just to sleep. I was careful about not taking them during the day but still I was not happy about having to take them at all. I couldn’t sleep on my left side. I was also under a lot of stress. I know I am blessed with good life, good family etc. Still couldn’t manage stress well.
Here comes good part. Since I started yoga and nutrition program with you, so many phenomenal changes have taken place. I have been progressing in yoga poses slowly but surely. It is quite rewarding to see yourself going even inches farther. My sciatica pain is almost gone, I can sleep on both sides now. I am much more aware of my food intake. Overall I am on right track. I appreciate you helping me along that path. I also appreciate you being there for me, though tough and joyous parts of life. You are always ready to listen and give a much deeper spiritual perspective on life. That makes a huge difference to me. My next goal, continue on the same path and age gracefully.
So dear teacherji dhanyawad dhanyawad dhanyawad!!! You are the best!!!
May the Almighty always shower you and yours with blessing and grace.


It is amazing what yoga can do for all aspects of life – physical, emotional and spiritual. I did go to a class while I was in Montana. Was supposed to be gentle yoga but it was very disjointed and didn’t flow. And it wasn’t gentle. Made me really appreciate you and your classes. And I met people my age who have so many physical problems. I tell everyone now – you should go to yoga!! I’m a true believer!!!

Kim G.

Umang, ever since I have started yoga and meditation, I feel that something inside of me has not only opened but blossomed. I am happy and feel it and also my friends and family see this beautiful difference. My heart has opened up further more and am talking from my heartand love the beautiful positive energy that is flowing inside of me always.
Thank you Umang, You and Yoga have made this happen for me!

Aparna Ananth


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