Wellness Haven Survey

Survey to find out what type of class/teaching you enjoy

At Wellness Haven Yoga School, we strive to meet your health needs and make your experience as joyful as possible. This is a survey for you to complete so that we can find out what types of classes and teaching you enjoy. Thank You for your support. We appreciate your time.

1. Class Times

Our class times have been strategically chosen to serve you when most students are able to find an hour of their time on a daily basis. What other day-time combination would you like the class to be held? For example: Fri, 12 PM -1 PM

2. Class Length

Our Class Length is 1 hour for we believe our bodies need approximately 45 minutes of a work-out time and about 10 minutes of Shavasana. Our students appreciate the 1 hour session. Do you have another suggestion?

3. Music

The flute music we play at Wellness Haven has been very well liked and no wonder we have stuck to it. Do you have another suggestion?


We continue to introduce yoga props like the block, the strap, the wedge, cushions, and the wall to enable you to maximize the benefits of any given pose. This may help a student (beginner to advanced) get into a pose more smoothly, or stay in a pose longer, or help deepen a pose. When students understand the workings of the props they are able to use these efficiently even during a flow practice. What are your thoughts on using the props? Do you like using props? Would you like a separate class with just a few poses to work fully with the props?

5. Class Start

We usually start the class with some breathing exercises like Alternate Breathing / Anulom Vilom or maybe Buzzing of The Bee / Bhramri. What are your thoughts on the way we start our classes? What would you like to see?

6. Pose Modifications

We strive to give you pose modifications so that every student in the class is able to take advantage of the asanas, as our classes are a mixed batch of students from beginner to intermediate - our beginner students who come regularly are able to advance to the next level very quickly and so the classes remain mixed. Our Saturday 8 AM class caters to the beginners. Would you like to see more complete beginner classes?

7. Class End

We end our classes with Final Rinsing Twist followed by guided Shavasana, some visualization, mantra chanting and laughter yoga. All of this is done in about 10 minutes. Do you feel rested and rejuvenated at the end of the class? If not how much time would you like to be in shavasana?

8. How else can we serve you?

This is your opportunity to tell us how else can we serve you?

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We at Wellness Haven Yoga School appreciate you. Thank You.

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