Wellness Haven Yoga Introductory Welcome Email

Welcome to Wellness Haven Yoga Studio!
Thank you for providing us with your information. We enroll students in the following ways:
1. Introductory Unlimited Yoga for 1 week for $15
2. Introductory Unlimited Yoga for 2 weeks for $25
3. Annual Unlimited Yoga students enjoy heavy discounts
4. Monthly Unlimited Yoga Students also reap the benefits from heavy discounts
5. Family Discounted Package
6. Surprise Discounted Package
7. Buy 4 classes/month for $77 or 8 classes/month for $138
8. Buy 12 classes with no expiry date for $240
9. Simply Drop-In with no discounts at $24
10. About 3 times per year, we do yoga promotions through external deals for first time students.
If you bought a voucher through external deal, your voucher will expire 3 months from the date of your first class or when you have completed the purchased number of classes within the 3 months. External Deals are available to first time students only, as a way to introduce our services to new students.We hope that you will find tremendous value in our services and become our regular monthly or annual member with the expiration of your deal, for we are passionate about how we serve you. We welcome, appreciate and are grateful for all testimonials and referrals, for that is how we grow our Wellness Haven Yoga Family.
We look forward to seeing you soon at our studio. 

What to expect: 
– The “YOGA” sign is lighted up throughout the day; you will know that the studio is open only when the “OPEN” sign lights up as well.
– If the previous class is in session, please wait for the class to be over before coming in – class times are on Schedule. There is always a 15 minutes gap between classes and that is when we request that you come in. You may see a door sign hanging if the class is already in session / when the class is full / when there is a private appointment with a client or a massage appointment.
– Please do not bring chewing gum inside the studio.
Independent Children are allowed to attend Adult classes with or without their parents.
– If you bring your children who are not enrolled in classes, ensure they are quiet when class is in progress and not on the yoga mats.
– Although we do prefer that you come into a class on time and leave a class after the class has ended, we understand that sometimes there are situations beyond our control. We do keep our doors open, so that you can come into the class and leave the class quietly if the situation demands that you come and leave during the class.
Each time you come into the studio:
– place your shoes, belongings in the cubby on the shoe rack. Do not walk with shoes in the yoga practice space or the mats, before or after the class.
– silence your cell phone
sign in the Daily Attendance Sheet, as a new or existing student (this is how we keep track of your attendance, which you should as well)
– ask any questions you may have
– find an unoccupied, already spread out mat of ours and spread your own mat on the top
After the class ends, make sure you clean-up after yourself:
– place the sand bag and rolled-up strap on the side of the mat
– take your own mat and belongings
– feel free to ask questions
– take a printed schedule, although the latest schedule is always online. Always look at the holiday schedule and announcements on the schedule page for any cancellations.
– Drink water!
Direct Link to the Schedule Spreadsheet: http://tinyurl.com/Wellness-Haven-Schedule
– we do not recommend exercise on a completely empty stomach. We recommend that you eat some very light food like dates, walnuts, almonds or a fruit before class to tide you through the class. No heavy food 2 hours before the class. No meat 3 hours before the class.
– Even though we recommend bringing in your own quality yoga mat (1/4th inch in thickness for proper support, non-slip sticky surface to prevent sliding, and hypoallergenic to keep the mat free from germs), we provide such yoga mats right at the studio – it is already spread out to welcome you with a sand-bag and a strap. Blocks and wedges are also available for your support.
– Stretchy, breathable clothes
– A water bottle – we recommend that you drink a lot of water after the class to flush out all the toxins released during our yoga practice.
– Your :) happy
Attendance for maximum benefits:  You get what you put in!
– For maximum benefits: alternate days of practice is recommended
– at least 3 times per week
– at the minimal one should attend 2 times a week
ELSE you take 10 steps forward and 8 steps back!!
Challenge to your muscles:
If you are not used to exercising in general (and we are not talking about walking alone and a little exercise here and there!), expect to have muscle soreness in the first 2 weeks, for this is the amount of time the body needs to develop an understanding of what it means to stretch, strengthen and tone! Stick with it and the benefits will be humongous – strong and flexible body, free from aches and pains, physical issues and diseases; better sleep, for yoga is both a prevention and a cure.
After this challenge period, the body starts to sing 🙂

Progress is evident:
– within a week of regular, consistent practice with reduction in stress and better sleep.
– after a month of regular practice, the body already starts feeling the increase in strength.
– after 3 months, body is ready to progress even further.
– after 6 months you really start getting the “hang” of yoga
– after 9 months, you start wondering why you never did it before or why you ever left it!
– after 12 months, it becomes a part of your daily life without question.
– after 2 years, transformation is joyous: cold, cough, allergies simply disappear and you may forget you ever had any issues!
Format of our classes:
– Besides the traditional Hatha and Vinyasa/Flow Yoga, we also spend time at the wall doing strengthening exercises against the wall or at your mat, with dumbbells, and balls for we believe in complete body workout.
– We practice one pose at a time at a very slow pace on Saturday morning yoga clinics and is beneficial to all levels of yoga practitioners, and especially complete beginners.
– Our classes begin with basic Breathing Exercises (Our Meditation/Breathing Special classes, where we go in depth of all the breathing and meditation techniques our separate and not a part of the yoga deal)
– Our classes end with Shavasana:
— Yoga Nidra
for complete body/mind relaxation and surrender
— Gayatri Mantra Chanting for therapeutic vibrations inside the body and in the surrounding space
— Laughter yoga
at the end of every class keeps your cells vibrating with joy and keeps you in the highest spirit.
Room Temperature:
During winter, we keep the room warm for comfort, but not hot. Unlike hot yoga practices, where the room temperature is kept around 105 degrees, we believe in using our internal body heat that rises as we move into our yoga practice to make our bodies warm, our muscles fluid, and our advanced yoga practices enables our heart rate to go up and sweat in a large space where yoga mats are 3 feet apart. There is no suffocation that is felt in a hot, closed room with high temperature, high humidity, and bodies very closely packed next to each other. We do not believe in hot yoga classes, where muscles are forced to stretch out more than the body is capable of resulting in injuries; instead we believe in generating internal body warmth which support the muscle flexibility in a healthy manner. Come and find the difference!
Detailed address is at the bottom of this email. 
We look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know you better for we believe in forming a healthy and wholesome community of individuals just like you…
…and bring in your smile :) happy
Please do not hesitate to call us for any information.
With YOU in YOUR Health,
Umang Goel
Founder/Owner/Certified Yoga Instructor with 2,500 plus hours of instruction experience/Rehab Yoga Therapist/Health, Wellness, Life Style and Acccountability Coach/Author/Writer at Wellness Haven, LLC 
phone:  (925)819-6327
Wellness Haven  website: http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com/
Wellness Haven schedule page:   http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com/wellness-haven-schedule/
Wellness Haven schedule: http://tinyurl.com/Wellness-Haven-Schedule
Link to a one minute video about Wellness Haven and our Services, http://tinyurl.com/Wellness-Haven-Video
Online New Student Registration Form: http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com/new-student-form/ 
Meditation and Breathing:http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com/meditationpranayamamudrasbandhas/
Massage for Women: http://wellnesshaven.yourcoachsite.com/wellness-haven-indian-pressure-point-massage-for-women/
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/wellness-haven-san-ramon-2
Directions to the Wellness Haven Yoga Studio:
We are next to San Ramon Home Depot at the junction of Crow Canyon Rd and Old Crow Canyon Rd.
Make a right at the junction on to Old Crow Canyon Rd.
Make a left on to Ryan Industrial Ct.
On the left is the Dance Academy followed by the San Ramon Valley Bible Church.
Across the street from the church is the building 110 with a “for Lease” sign.
Make a right into the parking lot, park at the back, and look up. 
You will see the sign for Wellness Haven Yoga Studio.
Come right up!
You will see the OPEN sign light up when Umang arrives!

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