Yoga for Kids – Parents can join in too!

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Kids Yoga (for Independent Children) and Parents can join in too!!: Pre-registration is required

 Wellness Haven Young Yogis
Children are have loads of FUN in this class while keeping themselves healthy. Yes we share, and yes we learn in a fun way not only about our body but our mind too.
Time: Mondays and Thursdays: 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Format of the class:
– This class is for independent kids with the option of their parents joining in as well.
– All yoga poses will be taught including advanced poses, for children simply love learning and any pose can be broken down from the beginner to the advanced
level so that no matter what your level maybe, you will be able to take advantage of the class.
– Simple breathing techniques, Mudras, and sitting quietly is very much a part of this class. Children typically do not want to be in Savasana, so instead we have a quiet time. This simply means that those who want to sit quietly with book on their head can do so while some others may simply want to lie down or sit against
the wall in a meditative state.
– Telling jokes in a butterfly pose is a part of the class!!
– When we are in a boat pose we are in action with our oars!
– Chanting AUM, Gayatri Mantra, and laughter are very much a part of every class at Wellness Haven.
– We may play Simon Says with Yoga poses.
– We may play other kinds of games in the class… 

Fee:  Option 1: $100 for a series of 8 classes per month per person. Bonus: These independent children also join their parents on days they can at no extra  charge for a month from the start date and learn to be in a mature disciplined environment as they practice along side the adults.
Option 2: If parent and child are joining together, the cost is $100 for 4 classes per month for both child and one parent. $60 per person extra will make it unlimited for the month for that person.
Option 3: $15 per person as a one time drop-in with appointment

The busy society we live in – working parents, homework and test pressure, addiction to the internet, electronic games and competitive after school programs, where students are still under pressure to “win” and “succeed” – contributes to a stressed kid, both mentally and physically, with dangerous practices like cutting their wrists and leading to long-term stress. All this detracts from the life one is meant to live, with joy and spirit. We want healthy and happy kids who have a desire to live a wholesome life.What students and families need today is a stress free, non-competitive, healthy and safe environment which teaches our young ones to be who they are, live their lives to their maximum potential , bring awareness to how they live, how and what they eat and how they conduct their lives, while building healthy relationships as they progress in their lives.Yoga, meditation and pranayam create just such an environment, and one is able to face the challenges in life with calmness, strength and maturity. Yoga encourages inward reflection. It encourages compassion, co-operation, a healthy self esteem, a non excessive habit, and the ability to deal with any situation with ease and patience.The “Wellness Program for Kids” at Wellness Haven, LLC offers all of the above and more. The program is unique in many ways:

-Safe environment
-Focus on total well being: mind, body and spirit
-Critical life lessons passed in a fun, learning environment through book reading, and discussions where students are encouraged to participate.
-All kids, even those with special needs get to learn together in cooperative environment.
-Experienced care under a certified, enthusiastic yoga instructor whose purpose in life is to impact the lives around her in a positive, constructive, and loving manner.GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF YOGA TODAY!

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