Yoga Retreat Jan 2016

Wellness Haven offers yoga retreats at the start of each year that are not only rejuvenating but provides goal setting and action plan to get the year started off on the right note.

Yoga, breathing, meditation, walks, discussions on life subject matters to provide clarity, set goals and chalk down action plan to bring goals to fruition through writing, sketching, scrap booking and more…

San Damiano

Option 1: Fri, Jan 15, 8 AM – Sat, Jan 16, 7 PM: Cost $550
Option 2: Fri, Jan 15, 8 AM – Sun, Jan 17, 7 PM: Cost $650

Here is a must read extract from an article written by Meredith Cameron on yoga retreats:

5 Amazing Things a Yoga Retreat Does for You
by Meredith Cameron

“Ah, the glorious idea of a yoga retreat. We all dream that one day we will go on one.
We might come as close as checking out the prices, location logistics, and our personal planners. Then we bite our lips and think of every reason why a yoga retreat just isn’t do-able.
I’ve been in that situation. Many times.
A yoga retreat is more than just … food and yoga in a fancy location—so much more—it’s hands-down, life changing. Energizing. A spark-inducing soul revival.
5 Amazing Things a Yoga Retreat Does for You
1. Creates space.
Yoga retreats create space: in your lungs, in your mind, and in your perspective. You’re invited to slow down while on a yoga retreat. How often have we been asked to slow down, aside from when we were children running through the house? Slowing down invites space. It invites us to see that there is more to life than rushing from point A to point B. It actually makes us realize that there is space between point A and point B and there is space between our inhale and exhale—that’s where life happens.
2. Offers reassurance.
Yoga retreats make you realize that everything is, in fact, OK. And everything will be OK. All those things on our to-do list don’t seem so urgent anymore. Taking ourselves out of the comfort of our daily lather, rinse, and repeat is somehow magically reassuring. So why don’t we do it more often?
3. Makes us stronger.
Yoga retreats prove that you are stronger than you think. Yes, you can practice yoga even if you have never practiced before. 
4. Confirms your worth.
Yoga retreats confirm that indeed, you deserve it—and then some. Sometimes we feel unworthy of such an indulgent time for ourselves. Do you want to know who creates that story? We do it to ourselves. Enough. Life is too short. We deserve everything life has to offer. We deserve to feel good on a consistent basis. We deserve to give to ourselves so we have more to give in return. The world needs more of this.
5. Provides clarity.
Yoga retreats allow sparks to fly from your heart. And when this happens, all of a sudden, you are creating a map for the life you want to live. You will literally stare at the stars, listen to the waves, and eat incredible food while your life map becomes amazingly clear. Sure, you can look at the stars, hear the ocean, and eat great food anywhere, right? But not usually with a group of like-minded people and a week full of community and inspiration. A massive dose of clarity comes when you mix all of the above together.
You begin to respond instead of react. You begin to live your life.
So are you ready? We all live in our heads more than necessary. We like to complicate things for absolutely no reason. Let’s get real and let’s get simple: Go on the yoga retreat.
Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? How did you feel after? What’s holding you back now?”

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