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Antidote To Fear Is Action


You will never know what you will miss out on unless you give it your very best shot!

Thoughts come to mind to do this or that, but these thoughts are never realized for lack of action on the thought, simply because the fear of the unknown takes over. The mind thinks up of innumerable barriers to prevent the thought from being realized. The result is that the mind has failed even before taking the first action step!

Can you imagine not having electricity that improves our lives from moment to moment?

Can you imagine there being no airplane to take us to far lands to be with our loved ones?

Can you imagine there being no internet that gives us virtual meeting grounds?

None of the above would have been realized if after the very first thought of the concept, action steps had not been taken!

Instead of fearing failure, let fear propel you into action; let’s embrace uncertainty with faith that even if the path to the thought (goal) being realized may be very curvy, the destination will be realized!

With faith, patience, courage, action and an indomitable spirit, anything is possible! ~ Umang Goel


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