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jumpstart your life

Jump-Start Your Life Weight Management

Wellness Haven 12 Weeks Unlimited Jumpstart Your Life Program This post has been created in response to all the questions we are asked by those who are interested in joining our 12 Weeks Unlimited Jump-Start Your Life Program. This is to jump-start your life weight management, for the purpose of dropping excess body fat weight and

what gets scheduled gets done

Schedule Your Exercise

Focused determination, scheduling and consistent action are the key factors in seeing results no matter what your goal is. Too many people think but never start, some start but do not show consistent behavior, and some start and quit because they are a part of what is called ‘instant gratification society”. How about you? A

Conscious Living

Conscious Living

From where you are to where you want to be is a journey of conscious steps that anyone can accomplish provided there is clarity about what one wants and clarity about the action steps. As you consciously take these action steps to improve the quality of your life, you also come closer to achieving what you desire. This is conscious living.

I want to lose weight

Get Back on Track Before Holidays!

If you have made “losing weight” as your serious goal, then you deserve a pat on your back! At Wellness Haven, our goal is to help, guide and support you in your mission to get your health back on track before the new year is on us. Staying healthy is our area of expertise and

Lose Extra Body Fat

Eat Clean To Lose Weight

Losing unnecessary weight is quite an art and a skill that all those who carry extra weight, should learn to lead a healthier life. At Wellness Haven, our focus is on a healthy lifestyle that supports weight loss very effectively and in a wholesome manner, rather than quick and temporary weight loss gimmicks that seem to be so prevalent

I am not losing weight!

I Am Not Losing Weight!

“I think I am eating healthy. I also walk 2 times a week. I go to the gym and use the treadmill. I attend one zumba class per week. Then why am I not losing weight?!” Are you someone who relates to the above? Then it is time to find out what may be going wrong with your lifestyle


I Finally Lost Weight!

“I Finally Did It!” Yes that is what many of our Nutrition Students who joined “Wellness Haven 12 Week Nutrition Program – Lower Your Fat and Lose Inches and Pounds” are saying! Beautiful words from one of our newer Nutrition students, who joined in “Wellness Haven 12 Week Nutrition Program – Lower Your Fat and

Healing at Wellness Haven

Self Healing

Self Healing Our bodies are designed to self-heal without too much of outside interference, with proper nutrition, with exercising our limbs, and with keeping our innermost self joyful. In this modern day and age though, most are in a rat race. Where they are going, even they do not know! There is no defined path


Too Busy For Yoga?

Too Busy For Yoga? “I am very busy!” “I am very busy! I really want to but I do not have any time.” “I am very busy! I also believe in yoga, but I do not have the time!” If you are someone who catches herself saying one or more of the phrases above, it


A Healthier Lifestyle

A Healthier Lifestyle   A key aspect of any nutrition program should be to keep one healthy and not starving or depleted or in misery! At Wellness Haven we believe in gradually changing our lifestyle so that we are on a healthy path. We do not believe in yo-yo behavior patterns that actually destroy the


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