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Conscious Living

Conscious Living

From where you are to where you want to be is a journey of conscious steps that anyone can accomplish provided there is clarity about what one wants and clarity about the action steps. As you consciously take these action steps to improve the quality of your life, you also come closer to achieving what you desire. This is conscious living.

Healthy Life Practices

Fast Healing With Healthy Practices

My personal health journey from not taking care of myself to becoming a health practitioner has given me tremendous life benefits that I will be forever grateful for. Learning healthy habits over the course of years has not only helped me and my family but it has enabled me to become a role model to


I Am Stuck!

How many times in your life have you felt “I am STUCK!”? It is our mission at Wellness Haven Yoga in San Ramon to enable you to become “unstuck” and to take charge of your life back into your own hands through our various programs that suit your need. We discover your need through a complimentary

Pain Relief at Wellness Haven Yoga

I Hurt All Over!

“Every bone in my body hurts! I am hardly sleeping at night. Please take me to the doctor!”  This used to be my thought every night in 2006 until I actually took action to do something about it. Wellness Haven Yoga in San Ramon has been created with love and compassion in the heart for women who

I am not losing weight!

I Am Not Losing Weight!

“I think I am eating healthy. I also walk 2 times a week. I go to the gym and use the treadmill. I attend one zumba class per week. Then why am I not losing weight?!” Are you someone who relates to the above? Then it is time to find out what may be going wrong with your lifestyle


Simple Formula For Manifestation

Simple Formula For Manifestation You are here because something about the subject matter heightened your curiosity. Before you dive in though ask yourself the following question and write down your response: 1. What is it that I have been wanting sincerely and with all my heart to happen in my life and yet I am


Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully We are human beings. Our bodies degrade as we age, and that is a fact! We cannot deny aging. But what we CAN DO and what IS IN OUR HANDS: AGE GRACEFULLY SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS HOW can you do this? Take care of yourself through expert help that already exists without reinventing the wheel


Dream To Reality

 Dream To Reality Are you always wanting things to change in your life and yet you find that they hardly change year after year… Know that if you continue doing what you have been doing so far, things will continue to remain the way it always has been! To achieve anything in life, we need


Myth Around Multitasking

Myth Around Multitasking   The subject of multitasking came about this morning in our Yoga Teacher Training Session and it urged me to write about my own personal learning and experience with multitasking. Human Multitasking is derived from “Computer Multitasking” where the processes are actually done in an entirely different manner than the human world.


Manage Your Stress Effectively

Manage Your Stress Effectively – Reclaim Your Happiness You are under stress if you are not in your naturally joyful state of being. There are many underlying factors causing stress in ones life, but every factor is a result of the 3 critical factors mentioned below: Relationship: You are in an uncomfortable relationship with a significant


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