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Yoga And Weight Management

Yoga And Weight Management Whoever has heard of yoga is also very well aware of its mental benefits. It is very well recognized as a stress-releaser, and its calming effects. It is also widely known for its ability to increase flexibility, balance and stamina through the beautiful yoga asanas, but only the regularly practicing yogins are aware

Correcting Your Posture

Correcting Your Posture

Correct Your Posture With Yoga Posture is critical to a healthy human. You may ask, “Why?” We have all grown up being admonished at some point or another about our posture. Posture is the body’s correct alignment and positioning of muscles, ligaments and joints with respect to the gravitational force in all body positions, whether it


Yoga Benefits

Yoga Benefits – Yoga Asanas has countless benefits and yet each day I find that it reveals its immeasurable benefits that feel the need to share. Amazing sleep benefits: Your body progresses at the rate you want it to progress. It is essential that you continue to exercise your body through the asanas that suit


Wonders Of Yoga Straps

Yoga Straps Straps offer a whole new dimension to the yoga poses whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. It allows you to maximize your yoga health benefits without compromising the integrity of your spine. Use it wisely and reap the benefits for years to come. Length of yoga strap: The yoga strap


Yoga Props

Yoga Props Yoga props not only help the beginners realize the asanas but it also enables us to deepen our body explorations and enhance our yoga asana, breathing and meditation practice. But understanding of how and when to use the props without becoming ‘attached’ to the props is very important in the yogic journey. Props



 Yoga Helps Correct Posture We all have heard a lot about how a consistent bad posture can hurt us. We have been told to have a good posture as well. But what are the key points of a good posture? A good posture can transform the way we look and feel about ourselves – confident


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