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Yoga props not only help the beginners realize the asanas but it also enables us to deepen our body explorations and enhance our yoga asana, breathing and meditation practice. But understanding of how and when to use the props without becoming ‘attached’ to the props is very important in the yogic journey.

Props should be used effectively and wisely.

–          A restorative yoga asana session seems incomplete without props.

–          A flow session on the other hand minimalizes the use of a prop. One has to have a clear understanding of the use of a prop to be able to use it effectively in a flow yoga practice.

–          A Breathing/Pranayama and Meditation session becomes enhanced with use of props by providing back support and posture support.

1. What are the very basic yoga props?

Mat, Blocks, Wedge, Strap, Bolsters, Blankets

The Wall proves to be one of the most effective prop for a new yogi.

The Ball helps the yogi in many ways to enhance their yoga asana practice.

The chair is a wonderful prop for many.

The backjack chair provides the much needed support to a meditative sitting yogi without wall support.

2. Characteristics of a good quality yoga mat:

–          Moist sticky  surface

–          1/4th inch thick

–          Compact

–          Durable

–          Hypoallergenic

Those new to yoga are not aware and end up buying cheap quality yoga mats that have a plastic like surface, are very dry, and very thin! All of these prevent a beginner from getting the full benefits of a yoga practice for they are slippery and prevent the yogi from finding stability and balance. When the mat is very thin, it does not provide enough support for the bones and joints.

3. How are Block, Wedge, Strap, Bolster, and Blanket helpful?

All the above props provide support to the yogi providing balance, height, stability and comfort.

–          Blocks help by allowing the yogi to reach the earth when they are still working on stretching and lengthening their ligaments and muscles to become more flexible.

–          Straps/Belts are very handy when tight hamstrings prevent the arms from reaching the toes in any forward bend or when tight shoulders prevent the fingers from finding their way together in the Gomukhasana pose.

–          Wedge enables the heels to get grounded and to provide the much needed lift to the pelvis for an aligned posture.

–          Bolsters and Blankets help cushion and support the body in a restorative asana.

If you have invested yourself in a well-supported yoga asana session, go a little further and provide your body the much needed support so that the body develops in the most optimal and correct manner. Your body deserves all the love and attention you can give it.

At Wellness Haven we believe in guiding you to find your optimal support through some of the best props from HuggerMugger. ~ Umang Goel

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