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Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

Time Crunch And Vacation Yoga

Many of us are heard saying, “I am so tight!” Even yogins who practice regularly feel tight if they take a long break. Living a life includes  a variety of colors through many different events and circumstances. We work hard. We have family to take care of, we run around and a common complaint always

Yoga for Women

I Need Help!

Wellness Haven is here to help you! “I am a stay-at-home mom. I do not exercise. At the most I walk sometimes. I also do not eat very well. I do not lead a very healthy life. I am lacking in self esteem. My confidence level is at its lowest. I don’t feel interested in anything.


I Do Not Like To Exercise!

Are you someone who says, “I do not like to exercise!” ? Wellness Haven excels at providing a program for those who”hate” exercising! We have programs for EVERYONE: We have a class where you forget that you did not like exercising for you are taken into a joyful worls where you simply thrive in what


Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully We are human beings. Our bodies degrade as we age, and that is a fact! We cannot deny aging. But what we CAN DO and what IS IN OUR HANDS: AGE GRACEFULLY SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS HOW can you do this? Take care of yourself through expert help that already exists without reinventing the wheel

Wellness Haven Gentle Yoga on Chair With Dumb-bells

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga It is with great pleasure I am writing this post, for 2014 is the year I visited my parents in India and it urged me to introduce Gentle Yoga at Wellness Haven. My mom is 75 and my dad is 83. I knew that both had started doing Gentle Stretches on recommendation form their


Yoga Is Your Only Medicine

Yoga is your only medicine, the best medicine that one could have. A conversation this morning reminded me of all that I used to do to exercise, then left it all for good and have been healed ever since: gym, kickboxing, running…I feel very fortunate to have found my holistic and wholesome yoga practice in its


Gentle And Easy Yoga

Gentle And Easy Yoga – for the aging, stiff, inflexible, overweight, imbalanced, stressed, injured, facing chronic pain and fatigue This is the comment we got from a student in our ‘Gentle Yoga Class’ at Wellness Haven Yoga: “It was a complete body workout!” This class changes the quality of your life. It provides the much


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