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Yoga for Women

Wellness Haven is here to help you!

“I am a stay-at-home mom. I do not exercise. At the most I walk sometimes. I also do not eat very well. I do not lead a very healthy life. I am lacking in self esteem. My confidence level is at its lowest. I don’t feel interested in anything. All I spend time in is cooking, cleaning and taking care of my family. I feel unfulfilled. I don’t feel happy. I need help!”

If you also relate to the above, you are not alone! This is where many stay-at-home women in their forties are and feel trapped in their unhealthy state of living.  Their children aren’t quite as young that they are completely busy and yet are not grown enough to feel released from responsibilities of still running around.  More than anything, they do not know where to begin. They need expert but compassionate and caring guidance and support to extricate them out of their current chaos. We at Wellness Haven specialize in bringing back health and joy  into the lives of such women who themselves need nurturing, through tools like yogic stretching, strengthening, balancing, breathing and meditation as well as healthy eating habits.

“I am a mother of 2 young children. I also work full time. I do not get time for myself at all. I want to exercise but I have not been able to. I want to eat right but do not know where to begin. I am tired all the time. I need help!”

If you are someone like the above, you are also not alone. Young working mothers in their thirties, lead a very stressful life. They are unable to figure out how to get their lives back in such a way that they can also take care of themselves. At Wellness Haven we have a program to suit every person’s need for we run classes, group and private, 7 days a week at various times in a day. We guide you to maximize your time so that you are there at work, with your family and also spend some nurturing time for yourself.

“I am retired. I did not take care of myself very well with my always busy schedule before retirement and now I have joint pain, my muscles are stiff and I am not flexible. I also am unable to balance without support. I need help!”

These are women in their fifties, sixties and seventies who are very ready to bring health gently into their lives and we are here for them when they need us. No matter what your age, we have the help you need through expert guidance.

“I should be happy but I am not! I have a good husband, beautiful children, a nice home, and we are financially secure. BUT I am not happy! Something is missing. I need help!”

These are women who may or may not be working, but they have crossed the busy parts of their lives which involved getting married, having children, working at jobs, acquiring 1 or 2 homes. They are at a standstill and searching for the joy that seems to have left! We at Wellness Haven help you find your way back to yourself through support and guidance and getting you to come closer to who you are.

“Now that I am in my forties, I feel I have become more sensitive in my friend circle. I get hurt even though I try to reason with myself. I do not enjoy the irrelevant conversations that go on at parties. There is too much conversation around, clothes and jewelry and things which do not please me any more. I want to be happy again! I need help!”

These are women who have done with superficial conversation with friends and want to get their life back on track with healthy living through yoga, breathing, meditation and clean eating. We at Wellness Haven have been very successful with our 3 month guidance program, “Jump-Start Your Life“.


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