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What can 12 weeks of Unlimited Wellness Haven Jump-Start Your Life Program do for you?

Results are clearly obvious. See below:

Here is just one of our hundreds of success stories – Sonal’s and Wellness Haven’s Success Story:

Weight Loss Journey April to August 2015

Weight Loss Journey April to August 2015

Sonal came to Wellness Haven on April 28, 2015 and immediately signed up without any hesitation for our very popular and very effective 12 Week Weight Loss Program, which has no expiry date in-spite of the 12 week structure which was included in the 12 Week Wellness Haven Jump-Start Your Life Program. She started her journey with clean eating, yoga stretching, strengthening and balancing, as well as breathing and meditation and you can see the results in her pictures below.

She started at 197 pounds and came down to 158.8 pounds, a total loss of 38.2 pounds!

During the 12 Week Wellness Haven Jump-Start Your Life Program she went to India but ate with awareness and control and gained altogether 2 pounds during her visit. She came back determined and lost 9 pounds!

She is still on her mission to drop until she comes down to her ideal weight. And she will do it too, for she is a sincere learner.

Here is Catherine’s and Wellness Haven’s Success Story:

Weight Loss Journey Jan 12 2014 to April 2014

Weight Loss Journey Jan 12 2014 to April 2014

“Dear Umang,
This is my journey. I am a diabetic who had high cholesterol.
I started Umang’s Wellness Haven Yoga middle of September, 2014. I had mentioned to my husband that I wanted to join a yoga studio because I disliked going to the gym; it was so impersonal – I was one of seventy students in the yoga class. People lined up, attended and then left!
My husband found Umang’s Wellness Haven. I came for 2 weeks. I felt I found my place. Umang makes us feel like home. It is most welcoming and nurturing haven.
After a month of Umang’s Yoga, I wanted to try her Nutrition program and Meditation and Breathing. Even though I paid for everything because I had bought her 3 months unlimited package with all her programs (yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Nutrition), I kept putting off the nutrition. Umang had said it was alright, I will start when I was ready. I finally started January 12, 2015.
After completing the 12 week plan, my diabetic hemoglobin A1C was 5.8, it was 11 before. My cholesterol used to be 210 and had dropped 102 points to 108. My endocrinologist was shocked and I told her how I did it with Umang’s help.
I have lost over 25 pounds since I joined Umang’s Wellness Haven. I haven’t weighed this in over 32 years since my youngest was born! My body fat went down 5% (41 to 36). I have lost 1.4″ in my upper arms (13.5 to 12.1), 3″ in my waist (38.5 to 35.5), 2.2″ in my hips (43.4 to 41.2), 2.8″ in my thighs (22 to 19.2), .5″ in my calves (14.5 to 14). In September I was a size 14. Now I am size 8. This has surpassed all my expectations! I feel wonderful and happy. That is all I can ask for.
I enjoy coming to yoga. I love the feeling after attending Umang’s class. It is euphoria! Thank you Umang for helping me in my journey. I appreciate your coaching and friendship.Thank you. Sincerely, Catherine Hickman.”

If you are like Sonal or Catherine who were determined to improve the quality of their lives by becoming healthier in every aspect of your life, do not let this year go by without starting on your health track. Reach out so that we can support you and guide you in your health journey. We offer you 3 months of unlimited yoga, breathing, meditation, and nutrition at a heavily discounted fee for the simple reason that we want you to see what can happen in just 3 months.

  •  Yoga Asanas and Body Building Tools: No matter what your age and what your experience is with exercise or no exercise, we have a class just for you!
    Yoga Asanas

    Yoga Asanas

  • Breathing and Meditation: Calm your mind, release stress, and learn controlled breathing and simple meditation techniques to improve the quality of your life.


  • 12 Week Nutrition – Lower Your Fat: Lose excess body weight, lower your fat, build life long habits and get rid of food related health issues.
    Fruits for Healthy Living

All the above through our heavily discounted 12 weeks package including:

12 weeks of Healthy, Clean, Aware Eating and Drinking
12 weeks of Alignment Based Yoga Asanas
12 weeks Breathing/Pranayama and Meditation

Call for a free health consultation and evaluation session today: (925)819-6327

Reach out to us for a Free Consultation, where we will discuss your needs, and tailor the program to suit your needs for we believe that one size does not fit all!
Phone: (925)819-6327
email: umang@wellnesshaven.com
Location: 110 Ryan Industrial Ct., San Ramon, CA 94583
We serve both Local and Remote.
Local California residents we serve are from San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Concord, Hayward, Castro Valley and more.
We serve remotely as well no matter which part of the world you are in!


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