Yoga Asana Directory

Wellness Haven Yoga Asana Directory is work in progress.

Yoga Asanas have such humongous benefits on physical and mental health, no matter what your age or gender, that it is a shame to not be aware and start this beautiful practice one step at a time, one day at a time. Even if you have no prior experience, at Wellness Haven Yoga in San Ramon, we take you from ground zero and build you up one baby step at a time starting with our Gentle Yoga classes. To find out which types of classes we teach go to Yoga Classes

Here is a Yoga Asana Directory for everyone to become aware and start practicing under the guidance of an expert. Note that it is important that you make sure that your doctor recommends you to start this practice. The body awareness that yoga asanas create is tremendous and in time when the mind, the body, and the heart are in sync with your soul, you become an unbeatable human being. To find out how you can build yourself up through our Wellness Haven Yoga Classes in group or private sessions Contact Us

Our Class Schedule is posted at Wellness Haven Class Schedule

Wellness Haven Yoga Asana Directory

Wellness Haven Yoga Asana Directory

We have categorized the Yoga Asanas in a comprehensive guide for your ease of practice.

  1. Complete List of Yoga Asanas
  2. Seated Yoga Asanas
  3. Seated Twists in Yoga Asanas
  4. Chest Opening Yoga Asanas
  5. Hip Opening Yoga Asanas
  6. Yoga Asanas on the Belly
  7. Yoga Asanas on the Back
  8. Yoga Asanas on the Knee
  9. Standing Yoga Asanas
  10. Balancing Yoga Asanas on the Feet
  11. Balancing Yoga Asanas on the Palms
  12. Yoga Asanas using Palms, Knees and Feet
  13.  Core Building Yoga Asanas
  14. Strength Building Yoga Asanas
  15. Wrist Building Yoga Asanas
  16. Belly Tightening Yoga Asanas
  17. Sukcham Yoga Asanas
  18. Forward Bending Yoga Asanas
  19. Backward Bending Yoga Asanas
  20. Inversions in Yoga Asanas
  21. Binds in Yoga Asanas
  22. Restorative Yoga Asanas
  23. Yoga Mudras
  24. Yoga Bandhas
  25. Pranayama
  26. Sahaj Samadhi or Simple Meditation
  27. Gentle Yoga Classes (taught in our Gentle and Bliss Yoga Classes)
  28. Beginner Yoga Asanas (taught in our Easy Yoga Classes)
  29. Intermediate Yoga Asanas (taught in our Slow & Energetic Yoga Classes)
  30. Advanced Yoga Asanas (taught in our Energetic Yoga Classes)

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