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what gets scheduled gets done

Focused determination, scheduling and consistent action are the key factors in seeing results no matter what your goal is. Too many people think but never start, some start but do not show consistent behavior, and some start and quit because they are a part of what is called ‘instant gratification society”.

How about you?

A glaring example in the health world is obesity resulting due to lack of proper work out and eating habits. Too many people start gathering fat in their bodies and their excuses are:
“I had children”
“I don’t have time”
“I am devoted to my work”..

Let’s focus on inconsistent exercise patterns.
We all understand that staying consistent with your exercise is a challenge to most; you are not able to find a balance between your family, work, friends, hobbies and travelling. and yet in order to continue doing all that you love to do in your fifties, sixties and beyond, you have to keep yourself healthy and fit.

So how do you make it happen?

By simply creating a momentum!
Know that it takes time to gather momentum around an exercise routine or any good habit. All progress made stops when you stop and you have to re-gather your energies to start again!

When your personal or professional life becomes more stressful, it is even more necessary that you stay put with your exercise routine because this will be what will sustain you through mentally taxing periods of time by keeping your mind focused instead of foggy... If you stop now, it will be weeks or months before you start exercising again.

So start off right and stop your procrastinating and yo-yo patterns!

1. Create a sustainable health GOAL: losing weight, becoming stronger and more flexible.
2. WRITE down why it is your goal: If you do not really know the exact reasons you have this goal, it will not create the right mindset.
3. PLAN and SCHEDULE it carefully – Schedule your exercise at the start of each week keeping your goal in mind at all times and the reasons you set this goal: what gets scheduled gets done else it is just a thought and nothing else! Carefully think about the days of the week when you have a little more flexibility in your daily routine without distractions. Maybe it is a couple of weekdays, maybe the weekend. Maybe it is morning, maybe evening…no matter what it is SCHEDULE IT into your routine.
4. COMMIT: Unless you commit, you will skip! No matter what the temptation, unless it is an emergency, do not skip!
Keep yourself motivated every day so that your commitment stays rock solid.
5. EVALUATE and RE-COMMIT: At the start of each week evaluate your progress and recommit. Let this exercise and healthy cycle continue until it becomes your life style.

You can let go of time wasting habits and create efficient time management for yourself:
– chatting constantlyon phone or social media
– watching TV every time you have that you could spend on your healthy life habits
– partying every weekend; dressing up, cooking food mass scale, cleaning up…yes these all take time that could have been spent where it really matters.

– Relax and do absolutely nothing a little more (self time without external distractions)

This will create the time you need for a healthy exercise habit.


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