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*** Always consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

Wellness Haven 12 Weeks Jump Start Your Life Program

This post has been created in response to all the questions we are asked by those who are interested in joining our 12 Weeks Unlimited Jump-Start Your Life Program. This is to jump-start your life weight management, for the purpose of dropping excess body fat weight and re-shaping your life.

What exactly is this program about?

This program was created by Wellness Haven years ago in response to the stressful lifestyle that most men, women and family members have, leading to overweight issues, painful joints and muscles, a life of overwhelm and feeling of ‘not in control’.

Who is this program for?

– This is for people from all ethnic backgrounds with varied eating style
– Those who desire body fat loss to reach optimal body weight.
– Those who want to reshape their body.
– Those who want to acquire healthy eating habits
– Those who want to be learn how to manage stress triggers most efficiently
– Those who want to be pain free
– Those who want to be overwhelm free
– Those who want to improve the quality of their life
– Those who want to be more productive in the same amount of time they have always had

How does this program work? What is the goal of this program?

This program takes into account each individual lifestyle – eating habits, exercise habits, working habits as well as the stress triggers of each individual and their family, no matter what ethnic background, or physical issues – and introduces the individual/family to a more relaxed, more productive, stress free, pain free, overwhelm free lifestyle with healthy eating habits that begin in their own kitchen in their own home leading to automatically optimizing the body’s potential  to optimal body weight and optimal lifestyle.The focus of this program is to make detox and clean eating a part of a healthy life style and combine it with yoga asanas, breathing and meditation in a 12 week program to build healthy habits in every aspect of life. The result is consistently lowered fat percentage towards a healthy range, lost inches and pounds to a trimmer body and to be free of many food related health issues.

Common questions  asked by those seeking fat weight loss or just simply health:

I am Indian. Will you work with Indian foods?

Absolutely, for we believe one size does not fit all. We work with your own ethnic background and take into account the foods that you prefer and like. This program is straight out of your own kitchen. No matter what your ethnic background, we work with you.

I am a vegetarian? Will this program work for me in losing body fat weight?

Yes, we work with individual life-styles. No matter what your eating style, we work with you to reach optimal body weight.

I have blood sugar issues. Will those program work for me?

Yes this program takes into account individual physical needs and we work with you to suit your body needs.

I will be leaving on vacation/trip/office work for 1 week or more. Should I join this program after my planned trip?

Those who join right away irrespective of any vacation/trip coming up start reaping the benefits immediately irrespective of future planned trips, because we work on the mindset right away, by creating awareness of body, food and what comprises healthy living. And besides that you do not lose time! You actually gain time – because you got a prep time – mental and physical – before your trip so that when you get back from your planned trip, you still have the 12 weeks to get started ‘officially’!

I am a Muslim and Ramadan is coming up during this time. How will it work?

It is even better, for your mind is already in health mode. In this 12 week program, we will guide you into breaking fast on a daily basis as well as the other mental and physical aspects of the program. It is a wonderful opportunity to commit to holistic living during this holistic period.

Can I start the nutrition, breathing and meditation part of the program now and do the yoga later as I want to heal my body before I start the physical part of the program?

Yes! It is very important that we heal the body inside out first if you are facing physical issues. Yoga can be added on later even though the program is purchased together to take advantage of the heavily discounted fee. All 3 parts of the program can be done separately if so desired.

For all those who are physically fit or those who do not have the time constraints, we recommend that they do all 3 aspects of the program together to maximize their benefits.

Will I starve during this program?

We guide each individual to suit the way they want to do this program. No starvation is required. We start our program with relaxing of your internal system through all natural means and holistic methods, keeping your own food choices, but healthier.

Can I go aggressively in this program, still maintaining it in a wholesome manner?

Absolutely, for we work according to your needs making sure that the approach is healthy and wholesome.

Can I take it easy in this program, for I want to take it slow as my goal is not weight loss but to become a healthy eater?

We have helped many get rid of toxins by taking it slow and easy. We are always working with you to suit your needs.

Will you give us a diet chart?

We tell you exactly what you should eat and drink during the entire course of the program through guidance not only individually but also in a motivated and educated group format. We answer all your questions as and when they come up, individually as well as in group. There will be no confusion or doubts about what to eat, no matter who you are and from what ethnic background.

Can you give us some details around the kind of diet you suggest?

We work with you to suit your life-style, your likes and dislikes and build you up for better habits eliminating what your body does not need. We encourage you to build a healthier lifestyle.

Will you sell food products to us?

No! We do not sell you any food. We do not provide any smoothies or shakes or pre-packaged meals! This program is to build healthy eating habits right out of your own home kitchen as well as healthy food choices when you are dining out. We believe in educating you so that you never have to rely on others providing you smoothies and shakes or pre-packaged food.

Will I be able to complete this program successfully?

As we work with each individual, based on their own individual needs, we continue inspiring, motivating and educating you until you reach your goals, whether it is within 12 weeks or even after.

I live out of state/out of country. How will this program work for me?

This program is tailored to suit individual needs whether local, out of state or out of country.

Our methods of communication are Whatsapp, Skype, phone calls, with complete Nutrition
guidance throughout the 12 weeks through calls and Whatsapp; and once a week guidance on exercise, breathing and meditation through Skype or video calls.

How does the weight loss/food/nutrition part of the program work?

Format of the 12 week course:

Week 1: Recording Initial Data and Detox Week, Weighing for Detox Results
Week 2 – Week 5: Introduction of a new eating lifestyle and forming healthy habits through the process of elimination and changes
Week 6 – Week 11: Living with the new lifestyle
Week 12: Transition into a wholesome life of self accountability. Graduation!

After 12 weeks, you have the option to stay in the program through various options.

This program is not:
– It is not a temporary diet program!
– It is not about external bottled supplements!
– It is not about starvation!
– It is not about being “good” all the time!

This program is:
– Education, Knowledge, Implementation!
– It is about changing the very way you look at food, buy food, eat and live!
– It is about making wiser choices when it comes to nutrition!
– It is about changing your taste buds!
– It is about getting rid of addictions in food!
– It is about getting your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar level to healthier numbers!
– It is about getting in touch with your emotions and feelings and controlling anger!
– It is about getting rid of many food related issues that cause you to be unhealthy and prone to diseases.
– It is about knowing how to shop for food!
– It is about being able to be surrounded by food at parties and work and still be smiling
as you continue to make better choices!
– Most of all it is about LOSING YOUR FAT PERCENTAGE, so that you do not end up in
a hospital and wonder why you never corrected your nutrition habits!
– And even more critical, it is about being in the fat burning zone for the rest of your
life!! Yes even when you “cheat” you will cheat wisely and still lose pounds

Results from the program:

– get rid of addictions and cravings
– reduced stomach size
– lower your fat percentage
– lose inches and pounds starting with week 1 itself
– lower your bad cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar level to healthier numbers
– in the process many other eating disorder issues get resolved and you look and feel like
a winner!

When can you start?

You start the day you are ready to start!
The consultation is FREE! Call us: (925)819-6327


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