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Bound Angle Yoga Strap

Yoga Straps

Straps offer a whole new dimension to the yoga poses whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. It allows you to maximize your yoga health benefits without compromising the integrity of your spine. Use it wisely and reap the benefits for years to come.

Length of yoga strap:

The yoga strap length should be adjusted to suit your body needs. It comes in various sizes.

What does a yoga strap do for you?

–          It is used to bring stability to a pose as you hold a pose longer than it would have been possible without the support of a yoga strap.

–          It is used to allow you to stretch your arms and legs with full length through your joints so that you can lengthen and strengthen your body parts.

–          It helps you stay in alignment for a longer period of time.

–          It also helps improve your resistance so that your asana is more challenging.

–          It helps your posture.

Ways to use yoga strap:

Fold or loop a yoga strap in various ways to achieve the results you desire.

Some of the poses the yoga strap proves to be helpful:

–          Cow Face Pose, with strap at the back to bring your hands closer together

–          Seated Forward Bend, to help you keep your legs extended at the knees and ease your tight hamstrings and hips.

–          Seated Hand To Big Toe, to help you keep your legs extended at the knees and ease your tight hamstrings and hips.

–          Boat Pose, to strengthen your core as you extend your legs and hold them in position

–          Tree Pose, to keep your leg up as you balance

–          Dancer Pose, to help you extend your quads and bend your knees as you balance

–          Standing Hand To big Toe, to help your hip, knees and extend your leg as you balance

–          Lying Leg Raise, Leg Crossover, and Legs Up In The Air to help improve your leg and hip joints and strengthen as you lengthen

–          Bound Angle Pose, whether you are seated or lying down prove to be very delightful as it enables you to open up the hip joints and provide the restorative quality of the pose.

The Yoga Class environment at Wellness Haven is fully supportive of yoga props.

Whether you are in a yoga class or at home, use the wonders the yoga strap provides to improve the quality of your life. ~ Umang Goel

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