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Belief, Sub-Conscious Mind & Desired Outcome

People often think like this:

I understand the life philosophy and I am acting on it and yet it is not producing results I desire! I am not able to attract my desired outcome!

Here is how it actually works:

Your actions are in complete alignment with your subconscious mind and the results are in complete alignment with your actions. So irrespective of what you may think that you are planning and doing, if there is any mis-alignment between your subconscious mind and your current thoughts and words, the actions will speak the loudest for it will continuously align itself with what your true perceptions are, based on what resides in your subconscious mind.

What should we do?

Consciously look at your life and what is happening in the current state. If you do not like how your life is in its current state, look at how you really feel about things in your life, your thoughts and words, your actions; look at what you truly believe about those things. Your belief may be completely misaligned with what you are trying very hard to do!

For example:

An overweight person may say that they want to come to their optimal weight, and they start a program as well! But very soon they sabotage themselves and fail to get the desired outcome! Why?

Because in their subconscious mind they have already failed! They don’t really believe that they can achieve what they have set out for. They do not have faith in their actions in spite of the conscious mind guiding them to start acting on their plan!

You have to have complete faith, an absolute conviction in the system you are working with, the projects, the plans, the actions, what you desire, and only then each of these aspects will be in alignment and result in the desired outcome.

People miss the desired outcome for they have failed to align their beliefs, thoughts, actions, words, and goals/dreams.

Your sub-conscious mind is the doorway to infinite intelligence.

We all have the potential, but we need proper guidance so that we can correctly ‘see’ what is not in alignment and what can be done and then have continuous guidance towards complete alignment and the desired life outcome.  ~ Umang Goel

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