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There are many who know the word “DETOX” but remain unaware of exactly what it is!

Every so often (I hope it is infrequent for most!), we take in heavy food for pleasure.
And in order to get back our body at the optimal functioning level again, we need to get the body back on track.

How many times per year do we detox?
We prefer once a quarter.
We simply make a conscious decision to upgrade our eating patterns, from the day to day habits- mostly good habits, which may have derailed on birthdays, anniversaries, parties and vacations. Since we keep a generally healthy lifestyle (Wellness Haven Students do as they are educated on awareness primarily) quarterly cleanups are all we need to continue to do and is not a major upheaval for us.

By detoxing once per quarter, we are able to get rid of the toxins from our system, which the modern food industry encourages us to do! This detox enables a more alkaline internal environment, so needed for a clean and healthy internal environment and a life full of happy energy.

To maintain our external organ – the skin- and the internal organs – lungs, kidneys and bowels, we keep them functioning without overload from the acid buildup through unhealthy eating. This acid buildup is also known as “acidosis” and is why we may run
into critical health issues, disease and sickness.
Food can be categorized into:
Dead food: meat, poultry and dairy
Processed food: externally manufactured and packaged food
Healthy food: natural food
It is the dead and processed food that creates toxicity, acidity and system overload preventing the system to absorb healthy nutrients and leading to illness, fatigue, constipation, lethargy, headaches, bloating and so many other body issues that an average human being remains unaware of and wonder “why I don’t feel good”.
In order to maintain a happy, healthy alkaline -acidic balance, so that our system functions optimally, we need to clean or detox our system on a regular basis.
At Wellness Haven, we not only teach you how to clean the system every quarter but we also teach you simple methods to maintain yourself throughout as well as how to take
U-Turns when it comes to friends, paties and vacations! How? We are with you throughout the program and even after- as long as you want us at no extra charge!
Anyone can start anytime for we spend time with you 1 on 1. In addition, we also let you join either an ongoing group or a newly starting group, for we do this on an ongoing basis. How you want to do this is entirely up to you with our expert help. Whether you do it remotely or locally is also up to you for we have tools to guide you no matter where you live.
All we need is total commitment from you to yourself, to lead a disease free life.
Someone is starting today. When would you like to begin?

Remember: It is never too late to start on your healthy life!

Reach out today to us:
phone: 925-819-6327
facebook message on our page at: Wellness Haven Yoga on Facebook


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