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Yogic principles enable self-love and self-love enables weight loss

“Self love is the only weight-loss aid that really works in the long run.” ~ Jenny Craig

So very true for being in shape takes intense desire, dedication, discipline with both food control and daily exercise. Because we are human beings we need the motivation and inspiration on a daily basis as well.

So how do we stay inspired and motivated on a daily basis to stay healthy?

A dedicated group environment where people meet each other daily on common grounds with a common goal – health – is so very essential. Each one of us needs not just a set of exercise to move our limbs daily or a regimented eating routine, but a true yoga practice where all 8 limbs of yoga are embraced which enable one to lead a joyful life. When one embraces these yogic principles, self-love automatically blooms. When one learns to embrace self-love one also is able to achieve whatever they desire from the core of their being.

Some key principles are:

  • Self-discipline with all aspects of life and including food
  • Asana / Poses  to exercise the body
  • Pranayama / Controlled Breathing to exercise the lungs
  • Pratyahara / Withdrawal or Sensory Transcedence to stay disciplined
  • Dharana / Focus / Concentration to accomplish what one has set as a goal
  • Dhyana / Meditation / Contemplation to keep the mind clear and calm.

I know that this was my goal with Wellness Haven – to create a happy and safe space for those with the common goal of holistic healthy living to come together and inspire each other daily. Following the yogic principles has helped me achieve what I had set out for, and I am grateful, for Wellness Haven is impacting many lives daily.

What are your aspirations? ~ Umang Goel

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