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Special Self Care Ritual

Rituals are mindful, creative set of action steps with a purpose that provide us with meaning in our lives by driving our focused attention to a set of actions that are mentally, emotionally and physically satisfying and produce beneficial results. Due to complete clarity in every step of the ritual, it has tremendous impact on our psyche, behavior patterns and our thought process. It provides us with a sense being connected to the world round us, a sense of belonging and as a result provides security, comfort and warmth. It empowers us to connect with our Higher Self. It is a celebration of life itself for it allows us to see beauty and harmony all around us.

Here is one such special self care nightly ritual that provides us with not only comfort but restful sleep.

After taking care of the activities for the day, take a few minutes of your time for yourself, just for you. Make a little ‘nurturing basket’ for yourself with a soft towel, your favorite lotion or oil, your favorite soft socks.

Before going to bed dip your feet in a warm bucket of water and let them soak for just a minute or two. Rinse them clean. In the process your hands are also soaked. Wipe them lovingly with your soft towel. Then spend another minute or two massaging the soles of your feet and your hands with your favorite lotion or oil going in and out though the spaces in between the toes, and the fingers.  Don your soft socks.

Take yourself to bed and indulge in a loving rinsing gentle yogic twist of the body to release all the tensions.

Close your eyes and indulge in a silent prayer in gratitude. With a smile allow yourself to be taken to the land of dreams…

This special nightly ritual will go a long way towards a calmer and stress free life.


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