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What type of yoga is taught at Wellness Haven Yoga Studio?

There are 6 branches or paths of yoga (as described below), and at Wellness Haven Yoga, we extract goodness from each type to form a combination practice of alignment based yoga (a systematic approach to create integration in the body) so that each individual gets a complete therapeutic experience and the mind and body reach their optimal best.

We bring in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of the Hatha Yoga practice together in each class.
Mantra flavors our practice with Bhakti Yoga.
Our Breathing and Meditation class is a combination of Raja, Bhakti, Jnana with philosophies of Karma Yoga under the guidance of the 8 limbs of Yoga under Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

At Wellness Haven Yoga Studio, we teach an alignment-based style of Vinyasa or flow practice, sometimes holding poses longer and sometimes a faster flow. The flows are choreographed for each class in such a manner that every single part of the body is impacted in each class, whether it is a chair yoga or a mat yoga class.

Each class begins with grounding down easy poses with breathing practice to shift from the fight or flight response of our sympathetic nervous system to healing response of our para-sympathetic nervous system, so that we can return to our natural relaxed state through seated asanas, before we go into more intense asanas. The sequencing of asanas is choreographed in such a smooth flow that the mind and body experiences bliss and healing coming to a completely relaxed state of being.

The flow consists of:
Seated to on all fours with knees on the mat.
On the belly or supine asanas to on the back or prone asanas.
On all fours with knees off the floor.
Standing balancing asanas.
All the above is nterspersed with seated and arm balancing asanas, using props whenever needed.
Back to lying down asanas in supine position.
Each class ends with Shavasana for complete relaxation, followed by chanting and laughter yoga.

There are 6 branches of yoga:
1. Raja Yoga
Raja yoga is based on the eight limbed path as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Raja (royal or king) is the king path of yoga and is followed by the spiritual seekers and is the path of self-realization. Its focus is on meditation and self contemplation and is the path of self discovery.

2. Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti yoga emphasizes the path of devotional love and surrender to The Higher Power. This path is that of acceptance and love towards all living beings and teaches these principles of love and connection through chanting, and. kirtan (call and response way of music)

3. Jnana/Gyan Yoga
Jnana yoga or yoga of the mind, is the path of wisdom and knowledge (Jnana). It encourages self inquiry, and study of  scriptures.involving disciplined study of scriptures. and constant inquiry into the nature of self.  Intellectually inclined seekers are drawn to this path of yoga.

4. Karma Yoga
Karma yoga or the yoga of doing is the path of selfless service, selfless action towards betterment of all beings, while still remaining detached to the outcome of the action.

5. Mantra Yoga
Mantra yoga or the yoga of sound is the practice of centering the self through repetition of mantras.  Mantras are syllables, words, or phrases representing attributes of the Divine.

6. Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga postures, or asana, using the body as a vehicle for self-transformation.

Under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga are 10 major styles of yoga:

1. Iyengar Yoga: focuses on alignment as well as detailed and precise movements with emphasis on use of props.
2. Kundalini Yoga: fast-moving, invigorating postures and breath exercises releasing the kundalini energy in the body said to be trapped, or coiled, in the lower spine and involve chanting, mantra, and meditation.
3. Ashtanga Yoga: involves a very physically demanding set series or sequence of postures.
4. Vinyasa Yoga: the movement is coordinated with your breath and movement to flow from one pose to another.
5. Bikram Yoga: a sequence of set poses in a sauna-like room—typically set to 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. The sequence includes a series of 26 basic postures, with each one performed twice.
6. Yin Yoga: a slow-paced style of yoga with seated postures that are held for longer periods of time.
7. Restorative Yoga: this style focuses on body relaxation with use of props. More time spent in fewer postures.
8. Prenatal Yoga: tailored to women in all trimesters of pregnancy.
9. Anusara Yoga: similar to Vinyasa Yoga
10. Jivamukti Yoga: similar to Vinyasa Yoga


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