Reclaim Your Happiness

Reclaim Your Happiness

– through effective life tools and techniques

Your personal health supports family

I reclaimed mine in 2007. Here is My Story – Utter Chaos To Health

You can reclaim your happiness through this 4 hour program to get you started on your life impacting journey, so that 2015 is the year of beautiful beginnings:

  • we listen and tune in to your stress factors
  • we get you inspired and motivated 
  • we provide you with tools and techniques
  • we help you focus on your dreams, desires, goals – short and long term
  • we help you develop a plan of action
  • YOU leave with a plan of action in hand with the excitement and motivation you need to get started!

When you see results unfolding, you realize the urgency of a plan of action, and you also realize the importance of a Life Coach holding your hands, providing the care, the compassion, the tools and the support,  but most of all the criticality of someone believing in you and your unlimited potentials.

Look at any of the successful people in any field, and you will see that they have a mentor guiding them into a more progressive life.

Don’t let life pass you by. Reach out and get started on your own journey.

Here is a testimonial from one of my Annual Life Coaching Students:

 “What is it that Umang does for me? You cannot put a price on someone who genuinely cares about you and your success. Add to that experience, wisdom, and tools that work and Umang’s coaching becomes almost priceless. What I value most about her approach is she calls me on the very things that I am avoiding or neglecting but she does it in a way that is always supportive. She knows it is these things that are holding me back…in fact, she knows that I am the one holding myself back. She guides me with questions and holds me accountable and holds my best self out in front of me so I can see it, believe it, and begin to make it real. Umang’s passion is infectious because she really does want to see me succeed. It gives her joy, which in turn makes me feel joyful. Umang has so much life and business experience that she brings to her coaching as well. She is constantly pulling from her own experiences and sharing her wisdom from her own challenges. This makes her easy to identify with because she doesn’t come across as so removed from me, like some kind of perfect guru I will never be. No, she is in the trenches with me, right by my side. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her and know that we will be walking side by side for a long time to come.” ~ Dana Leipold

 Ready to start on your own journey by managing your stress and reclaiming your happiness?

We are opening up the opportunity for you!

Why? Because we know you have the potential. We know that you deserve to live your very best life. We want you to experience the 4 hours so that you can make wiser life choices. We simply want you to get started.

Reach out today for the 4 hour program – “Reclaim Your Happiness”

Fee: $450! 

Location: Wellness Haven, 110 Ryan Industrial Ct., San Ramon, CA 94583

Note: we also offer this course online if you are not a local resident of San Ramon.

Call: (925)819-6327 email:



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