Toxin Free Home

Toxin Free Home

It is imperative that we understand what is causing so many issues in the human body. Besides releasing toxins from the inside through yoga, controlled breathing and meditation, and detoxifying the body through proper nutrition, we also need to understand how much toxin we are exposing ourselves to through the use of toxic products. 

This page has been created to educate you and empower you with such knowledge.

BEWARE of the TOXINS in your own home!!!!!

Do you have any products in your home like those listed below?

Proctor & Gamble
Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Bold, Cheer, Bounce

Ultra Clorox Bleach, Liquid Plumber, Pine-Sol, S.O.S.

S.C. Johnson
Fantastik, Windex, Pledge, Glade, Vanish, Shout

Lever Brothers
All, Wisk, Snuggles Softener, Surf

(Source: The National Cancer Prevention Coalition)

All these Typical Household Products Contain:
Formaldehyde – human carcinogen
Phosphates – water pollutants
Sulfates – irritants that damage hair/skin
1,4-dioxane – carcinogen (birth defects/cancer)
Parabens – preservative/ linked to cancer
Phthalates – hormone disrupters
Ammonia/Chlorine/Bleach – irritants/ear, nose, throat and lung damage/toxic
Artificial fragrances – allergens

Just because we have grown up using these products, does not mean they are safe!


Five Toxic Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid 

By Samantha Van Vleet 

Finding a good shampoo that works for your hair type well can be difficult, but finding one that works well and doesn’t expose you and your family to known and documented toxins may be even more difficult. More and more research is indicating that many of the most common ingredients used in shampoos and body washes are detrimental to human health. These substances are under more scrutiny as consumers have begun to read the ingredient labels of the products they buy. Here are just a few of the ingredients consumers should avoid when purchasing shampoo or body wash.

Methylisothiazoline (MIT) has been recently shown in research conducted by the National Institutes of Health to cause neurological damage in humans. The damage causes by methylisothiazoline can put unborn children at risk for brain defects, as well as lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. Unfortunately, this specific ingredient is commonly found in popular brand name shampoos and conditioners, such as Head & Shoulders, Suave, Pantene and Clairol.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and the related chemical Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are found in nearly every popular brand of shampoo and body wash. These chemicals are the surfactants responsible to causing the soap to sud and foam up the way most Americans expect soap to. Unfortunately, this chemical is a known carcinogen, and is known for having an irritating and abrasive affect on the skin and hair. In fact, great controversy has arisen regarding the use of anesthetic ingredients in baby shampoos being used to neutralize the pain caused by Sodium Lauryl Sulfate when soap gets into the eyes.

Parabens are a common type of preservative added to many types of cosmetics which are responsible for preventing the growth of bacteria, thus keeping the product shelf-stable for a longer period of time. Parabens, however, have been linked to increased estrogen levels in the human body, which may contribute to the development of hormonal disorders and cancers.


Phthalates have been recieving much more attention in the media recently. Simply stated, phthalates are a type of fragrance added to shampoos and body washes to give the soap a desired scent. Some of these phthalates are known as “plasticizers” which may be related to reproductive and hormonal problems, especially in young and developing children.

Formaldehyde, traditionally used as an embalming agent for the deceased before burial, is commonly found in soaps and shampoos and can cause allergic reactions and damage to the nervous system. Formaldehyde, however, it isn’t always found listed as its traditional name. Formaldehyde can be found on ingredient labels as doazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, and quarternium-15.



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