Utter Chaos to Joyful Health

Utter Chaos to Joyful Health – My Story

I realized I cannot possibly continue to live the life I was living – in utter chaos! The Seed was planted, Power Intentions were made and the very first steps towards a better life was put in action. Lots of struggle. A lot of inner resistance. But I kept going giving myself no other choice.

January 1 2007:
An important chapter in my life had ended in 2006. It was time to start laying solid foundations for better days, months and years ahead. I met my mentor. Experienced powerful life changing moments. I started believing that there was a better life ahead. I had started practicing many limbs of yoga: Meditation, Pranayama, Postive Thinking. I was not practicing the Yoga Asanas yet, for I was exercising in other ways. I did not know the beauty of Yoga Asanas yet.

I had led a very powerful 2007. Magical doors had opened for me. I knew what success really meant in every sense of the word – I had begun to feel true joy within.

2009 – 2011:
Continued with persistence and determination in unfolding my life the way I wanted it with my mentor always supporting me, helping me, encouraging me, motivating me, inspiring me. I had started practicing Yoga in all its glory – I had given up all other exercises for I realized that yoga asanas was the most wholesome of all. It impacted my health in ways I could not imagine. My arthritis had disappeared. My allergies had become history. I did not miss the  back and neck pain I had for years. I was able to manage my stress factors. I forgot how bad my right leg had been, how helplessly I used to drag it! I had now started eating healthy and started impacting others through Wellness Haven Nutrition Program, which had all the beautiful lessons I had learned. Many blessings came my way as people got their own health back on track.

2012 – 2014:
My life was on a magical path. My mentor continued to be an important part of my journey through his expert guidance.
I said ‘good-bye’ to my corporate career for good. I had stepped into my own full time business that had started part time in 2009, “Wellness Haven,” as a result of the immense joy I experienced with my passion for yoga. I was offering services to impact people’s lives, giving all that had experienced myself. Now I offered Life Coaching, for this had been the most life impacting – the start of all other powerful changes in my beautiful life journey. Summer of 2014 was the start of a very powerful program, as a result of my trip to India to meet my aging parents in their seventies and eighties – Gentle Yoga Stretches that even those who had never exercised before could also practice. Then came Bliss Yoga and it brought about even more bliss for students now could give themselves an hour of complete rejuvenation. 2014 was also the start of Yoga Teachers Training Program producing confident yoga teachers. When my students smiled, I smiled.

Is going to be even more beautiful, magical, and life impacting, for I will continue to create a powerful difference in more and more lives around me through all that has made my life:
Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Nutrition, Life Coaching

What is your story?

You can Reclaim Your Happiness too!

~ Umang Goel


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