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Life & Business Coaching for Adults and Youth

The Basis of Umang’s teaching:
You are the master of your own destiny! Desire with a passion, expect the desired outcome, imagine / visualize with energy, and become uninhibited with your dreams!

Be very mindful of the following raw materials that create your reality:
Your time spent with me will create fresh perspectives, dive into opportunities and turn your life around where you possibilities are endless. Experience life coaching with me and maximize your life potential. Seek out any one or more of the following:

    • A FREE consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your dreams and goals: (925)819-6327 or
    • Our one time only, 1 hour program, to taste how impactful a Life Coaching session can be is offered for $45.
    • Our 4 hour program “Reclaim Your Happiness” to get you started on the right track
    • Our Annual Hand Holding program where we see you through all stages of making your dreams come true and hold your hand through all stages of emotions: desire, dream, fear, anxiety, excitement, confidence, happiness. Through this journey we also hold your hands as other emotions may surge: guilt, regrets, heaviness, or lack of abundance. This program is offered for $3,500 or per session for $300, after the first session at $45.

Life & Business Coaching Curriculum:

Click here to download: The Coaching Guide

To see if you are ready for coaching: Are You Ready For Coaching
Don’t wait to live your life for the only control you have is on the NOW.
For your informed reading:

Dream To Reality

Attract & Manifest Anything

Life Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach? Do you want to discover your passions and create a new reality?

Many people wonder what a Life-Purpose/Accountability Coach like me does. I provide you with tools and empower you with laser focus, unbounded encouragement, motivation and support to discover your passions to build your dreams that will transform into reality.

Do you have an area of your life that you want to change?

I empower you to begin the change with a well defined plan of action, taking steps that creates the change.

Do you want to release chaos within that arises when you react to people, circumstances, or events?

I enable you to discover the solid ground right inside you where you listen to your inner guidance and you learn to respond rather than react to external stimuli.

Do you always feel like you do not have enough money for all that you want to do?

I empower you with money concepts that free you and money does not remain an issue towards a life of beauty.

Are you worried about your health and feel trapped as though you are unable to come out of your health issues?

I enable you to lead a life of health in every possible way – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual which leads into financial health as well.

Are you a victim of procrastination where nothing seems to get done leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

I coach you with proven tools and techniques to overpower your procrastination, change your perspectives, and surge forward with iron determination.

Do you seem to be too busy and yet can't get things done?

I teach you empowering tools to develop your priorities, and get things accomplished timely.

Testimonials from one on one coaching clients:

Watch what Dana Leipold, an Annual Life Coaching Student, has to say about us:



Life and Business Coaching Testimonials


Not only have I decided to take more yoga classes from her but I have also purchased her meditation and breath class, and become one of her accountability coaching students. Umang has pushed me, sometimes using tough love, to dig deeper than mere asanas but to live the yogic way of life. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me see that this journey is not always easy but it is SO WORTH the hard work.”
“What is it that Umang does for me? You cannot put a price on someone who genuinely cares about you and your success. Add to that experience, wisdom, and tools that work and Umang’s coaching becomes almost priceless. What I value most about her approach is she calls me on the very things that I am avoiding or neglecting but she does it in a way that is always supportive. She knows it is these things that are holding me back…in fact, she knows that I am the one holding myself back. She guides me with questions and holds me accountable and holds my best self out in front of me so I can see it, believe it, and begin to make it real. Umang’s passion is infectious because she really does want to see me succeed. It gives her joy, which in turn makes me feel joyful. Umang has so much life and business experience that she brings to her coaching as well. She is constantly pulling from her own experiences and sharing her wisdom from her own challenges. This makes her easy to identify with because she doesn’t come across as so removed from me, like some kind of perfect guru I will never be. No, she is in the trenches with me, right by my side. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her and know that we will be walking side by side for a long time to come.

Dana Leipold

Hello Umang! I am doing fabulous! So busy, but it’s all very good. A BIG breakthrough with my daughter. I realized that I had been …  Guess what? Her behavior has changed 1,000%!!! The past few days have been peaceful and calm in my home all because I focused on the positive with her. I cannot believe the transformation in both my daughter and myself. It is like a miracle!”


I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a one-on-one therapeutic session with Umang. She calls her program: Umang’s Life Coaching for Health, Happiness, and Success – Upgrading Pre-programmed Beliefs/Re-wiring of the Brain.” All I can say is, “WOW!” I have been doing traditional counselling with a talk therapist for over three years with the same therapist. In only one session with Umang, I dug deeper than I ever did in any of my weekly sessions. Umang helped me come up with an action plan, which I put into place immediately. The results were immediate as well. I had let a wound from my childhood paralyze me and I was able to let it go and move toward a much happier existence. I am very grateful to Umang for her help and hope that anyone wanting to improve their life will sit down with her for even one session. I promise you will be happy you did!


Good morning Umang,
Yes, my week is going great. I left our session feeling so much lighter, I love it. When I got to back to my desk that day I put my I-pod on but noticed I was skipping most of the songs. I ended up creating a new play list with songs that kept me feeling happy, light and uplifting. I have been able to stay calm and relaxed at home which is great. Thank you!! I have also been able to fall asleep a lot faster which is great, feels great getting some much needed rest. Thank you so much! I really look forward to our next session


Hi Umang,
Thank you SO much for last week’s session! It’s amazing what happened right after. I received a phone call from someone about being in a magazine for speakers, and I received an email from someone asking me to be on their radio show next week. Wow! I’m saying yes to these opportunities and trust that my beliefs are either already transformed or are currently being transformed. Thank you very much!




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